Boston Breakers statement on WPS

I’ll have more analysis at some point over the weekend, in case my story and analysis at espnW aren’t enough for you.

But I wanted to go ahead and pass this along from my inbox …

May 18, 2012 (NORWOOD, MA) – Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) further announces today that the efforts of all teams over the past six months have regrettably lead to the conclusion that the league cannot continue forward despite the efforts of all teams. MagicJack did everything possible to try and keep the league together and succeed as well. MagicJack helped keep the league alive in 2011. Unfortunately, collectively the ownership could not reconcile their differences about how to run the league and what the appropriate financial model for teams should be for sustainability and jointly made the decision to cease operations.

Boston Breakers’ managing partner, Michael Stoller, stated “Dan Borislow built a terrific team that created a great level of fan support and created a strong attendance boost after the World Cup ended for the league and each team. I know many players on the MagicJack team were very happy and would love to play for Dan again in the future. Unfortunately, collectively we decided that the number of issues we faced as a league, along with the overall economic considerations, were just too much to overcome presently.”



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4 thoughts on “Boston Breakers statement on WPS”

  1. It’s very strange that this statement is coming from the Breakers. Sounds like a MagicJack press release, or perhaps a statement that is one of the terms of the confidential mutual agreement.

    I can’t agree with “MagicJack helped keep the league alive in 2011,” when we know from court documents that MagicJack did the bare minimum to sustain a team, and in some cases less than that.

  2. I believe this statement, as well as Fritz Johnson’s statement, were part and parcel of the confidential final settlement. Both statements are negotiated, agreed-upon language. The statements completely countermand the allegedly defamatory statements made by WPS re Borislow.

  3. Sorry but that press release is a load of crap. Get real, everyone knows that its MagicJack’s fault WPS was in the shape it was. It was almost surviving, but holding off a lawsuit from dumb dumb was too much.

  4. The league failed when it started. It went down hill from day one. You can’t blame MJ.

    1. Paid Marta way too much
    2. Sky Blue Head Coach scandal
    3. Firing WPS Comish
    4. Owners Running League
    5 Owners who think money = Soccer knowledge
    6 Puma Crap Uniforms
    7 Low fan turn out
    8 Turns into East Coast league
    9 Over paid coaches
    10 Lack of excitement on the field
    11 on and on

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