No one injured in Spirit-Breakers game

Neither the Washington Spirit nor the Boston Breakers tanked Saturday night’s game to get the No. 1 draft pick. For once, my prediction was right. But it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t notice any Spirit Academy kids in the crowd, and that’s probably for the best. You don’t want them to learn anything from this. TwoContinue reading “No one injured in Spirit-Breakers game”

Spirit-Breakers, before the deluge

Concentrating on soccer was rather difficult this afternoon. When we weren’t checking updates on Charlottesville, we were checking the weather. A couple of minutes after the final whistle, the SoccerPlex lightning-detection system kicked into gear, and we all had a wet drive home. But the game deserves some mention, even if it was basically aContinue reading “Spirit-Breakers, before the deluge”

Quick Breakers-Spirit thoughts

Take the internationals off two of the top teams in the NWSL, and what do you get? A Breakers team trying to shut down Crystal Dunn by any legal means necessary and sneak one on the counterattack. And to Boston’s credit, it more or less worked. Sure, the Spirit outshot the Breakers 16-8, and Boston’sContinue reading “Quick Breakers-Spirit thoughts”

NWSL: Spirit, Breakers and the end of reality

What really happened at the Maryland SoccerPlex last night? We know the Washington Spirit got a 3-3 draw with the Boston Breakers in familiar fashion — a Diana Matheson penalty kick in the final minutes. But even after going through the video and photos like JFK conspiracy theorists (hmmm — the Plex does have aContinue reading “NWSL: Spirit, Breakers and the end of reality”

Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Defenders down

Hard to imagine a game more emblematic of the Spirit’s season: – A defender was injured. – The officials were atrocious, though they probably didn’t affect the outcome too terribly. – The result was worse than the Spirit deserved. – The fans stuck with the team. Take away the storms that magically cleared just beforeContinue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Defenders down”

Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Better never than late

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. When I mentioned that I needed to watch the Spirit’s 3-0 loss to Boston at some point, several people urged me to reconsider. And I can’t say I’m glad I ignored that advice. This was a dreary game on a dreary night in Boston. No, the Spirit didn’t play particularly well.Continue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Better never than late”

Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Ties, ties, ties!

Here’s a quick look at the top-to-bottom competitiveness of the NWSL: – The Boston Breakers are unbeaten. – The Washington Spirit is winless. – The Breakers and Spirit have played twice. – Both games have been ties. The games have followed different paths. On the narrow carpet of the Breakers’ home ground, in both teams’Continue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Ties, ties, ties!”

Washington Spirit at Boston Breakers: See, that wasn’t so bad

You all almost had me convinced. All the last-place predictions. All the caterwauling over the preseason results. Put the Washington Spirit in last place and use the Sharpie, everyone said. That same Spirit team led most of the way Sunday in its NWSL debut on the trampolining turf of Dilboy Stadium, the Boston Breakers’ packedContinue reading “Washington Spirit at Boston Breakers: See, that wasn’t so bad”

Boston Breakers statement on WPS

I’ll have more analysis at some point over the weekend, in case my story and analysis at espnW aren’t enough for you. But I wanted to go ahead and pass this along from my inbox … May 18, 2012 (NORWOOD, MA) – Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) further announces today that the efforts of all teamsContinue reading “Boston Breakers statement on WPS”

D.C. United Women and Boston Breakers: A W-League/WPSL friendly

The leagues may have a fractious history, but second-year W-League club D.C. United Women welcomed the WPSL Elite League’s Boston Breakers (formerly of the WUSA and WPS) to the Maryland SoccerPlex on Saturday. Play was a little ragged, as you might expect from one team (D.C.) that barely had time for introductions and another (Boston)Continue reading “D.C. United Women and Boston Breakers: A W-League/WPSL friendly”