The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 10: A punchy farewell to Spike

And we bid a fond farewell to The Ultimate Fighter on Spike. This is the final episode (not counting the finale, which is basically a “Fight Night” card) that will air before the UFC takes its programming over to the Fox networks. Spike and the UFC have had seven years of remarkable brand-building together.

This one probably won’t have a lot of the shenanigans we’ve seen through TUF history. We have two fights, and the Bisping-Mayhem feud has fizzled.

We still have a feud between John Dodson and Johnny Bedford. Or at least a one-way hatred between Bedford, who has decided to judge lest he be judged. Or something like that. I’m not sure what they covered in their Bible study.

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The WPS vigil: Nov. 30 update

The WPS saga is starting to creep out beyond the women’s soccer media into some other outlets: The Soccer America headline “History isn’t on WPS’s side” doesn’t quite tell you what’s in Paul Kennedy’s analysis. History isn’t on WPS’s side in the sense that World Cup booms typically don’t last. (Not mentioned here: That’s also true in men’s soccer. Or any Olympic sport, frankly.) Kennedy states two points well worth remembering. First, WPS doesn’t have its Anschutz or its Hunt, someone with extraordinarily deep pockets who has demonstrated that he’ll stick it out no matter what. (Little wonder the Twittersphere reaches out … Continue reading The WPS vigil: Nov. 30 update

All the Borislow-WPS legal documents (so far)

Plenty of people have been asking to see the exhibits. Careful what you wish for. See the whole thing at Scribd. Some language NSFW. Links to the individual documents follow (since I can’t get the Scribd widget to embed here) … Previously linked here: Borislow complaint WPS response to motion Borislow motion WPS motion to dismiss Borislow’s exhibits Exhibit A: WPS LLC agreement Exhibit B: WPS agreement with teams Exhibit C: Sun-Sentinel feature on Wambach Exhibit D: Letter from WPS attorney Pamela Fulmer on summer dispute Exhibit E: Follow-up letter from Fulmer Exhibit F: espnW story on new CEO Jennifer … Continue reading All the Borislow-WPS legal documents (so far)

The WPS vigil: Nov. 29 update Being a fan of women’s soccer is a bit like being a fan of quality television like Community or quality music like Metric. You see how smart people react when they’re exposed to it, and you don’t understand why billionaires aren’t lining up to back it while fans clamor for more. The television industry has actually done better than most at continuing to produce niche content. Take the 20th through 40th shows in the weekly Nielsen ratings and move them back to 1982, and most of them would be summarily canceled. A “hit” on cable draws perhaps a couple … Continue reading The WPS vigil: Nov. 29 update

WPS rips Borislow in legal documents

Update: My story on the situation has been posted at espnW. For those just joining us: Dan Borislow, who turned the Washington Freedom into a star-studded South Florida team called magicJack last year, is suing WPS over his termination from the league. See the legal documents on his lawsuit, the espnW story on the suit, Borislow’s statement on the suit, and Borislow’s second statement after WPS was not immediately granted Division I status with five teams for the 2012 season. Today, I’ll have another story at espnW on the league’s response to the lawsuit and U.S. Soccer’s decision to delay … Continue reading WPS rips Borislow in legal documents

The war on nonrevenue sports “ When football/basketball overspend and can’t be rainmakers — Maryland lifts ax over eight sports: Beau Dure November 21, 2011 3:46:10 PM EST ReplyRetweet “ The University of Maryland @TerpSwimDive swimming program must raise $11.6M by next June or get axed. Charlie Abrahams November 22, 2011 4:28:57 PM EST ReplyRetweet Save Maryland Swimming from Crimson Aquatics in Boston @TerpSwimDive jack leavitt November 22, 2011 5:18:09 PM EST ReplyRetweet “ Which is another reason to check out my rant on the War on Non-Revenue Sports: Beau Dure November 21, 2011 3:47:07 PM EST ReplyRetweet Student-athletes: Going … Continue reading The war on nonrevenue sports

Borislow: Reasons WPS is dead, how to save it

Update: From Philadelphia – “The accusation that the franchise offered $6,000 to a WNT member for the year is completely false.  The Independence has been in talks with WNT members and none of them have been offered the amount put forward by Dan Borislow’s statement.” Original post: The dispute between magicJack owner Dan Borislow and Women’s Professional Soccer could have an impact beyond the courtroom. Over the weekend, U.S. Soccer decided not to sanction WPS as a Division I league next season — for now. U.S. Soccer says it’ll give WPS 15 days to expand from its current five teams to … Continue reading Borislow: Reasons WPS is dead, how to save it