The battle for beach volleyball’s soul

When we last checked in on the AVP Tour, the rest of the season was in jeopardy. Now it’s gone.

We also noted last time that beach legend Karch Kiraly had some sort of low-key tour going on as well, and he was touting old-school volleyball with larger courts, a different ball, the old 15-point must-serve-to-score scoring, etc.

With the AVP on hiatus, the city of Manhattan Beach (Calif.) scrambled to save its prestigious event. They’ve done so, with one hitch — they’re going old school with the rules.

Count Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh among those who are unhappy and refusing to play. And a few jabs about the international game being here to stay are included in the midst of Hans Stolfus’ emotional, comprehensive blog post about the AVP situation. (HT: Manhattan Beach Confidential)

Take it from a soccer journalist — niche sports divided do not stand.

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