Friday Myriad: Not out of our league

To be perfectly honest, we’re in a lull. No Tour, no huge world championships (no disrespect to the folks with rifles and pistols), etc. Plenty of league games, though. Through the weekend, eight Mexican league games are on various networks. On Saturday, seven MLS games are on Direct Kick / See Soccer America listings below. And it’s X Games weekend — see TV schedule and ESPN3 schedule. FRIDAY 2 p.m.: X Games. ESPN 3 p.m.: Tennis, ATP Los Angeles quarterfinals. ESPN2 7 p.m.: X Games. ESPN 11 p.m.: Tennis, WTA Stanford quarterfinals. ESPN2 SATURDAY 9:30 a.m.: Soccer, Emirates Cup, … Continue reading Friday Myriad: Not out of our league

Panic at the All-Star Game: Why MLS fans should chill

Final score: Manchester United 5, MLS All-Stars 2. What does tell us? Nothing, without the following bits on context that will explain why this game was different than the typical MLS summer friendly and why last night’s Twitter panic was a tad overblown: – Man U were motivated, both on a team level and individual level. On a team level, they had just lost to the Kansas City Wizards, and the combination of a legendary club’s pride and some media pressure surely had them a bit more revved up than the typical EPL team on holiday. On an individual level, … Continue reading Panic at the All-Star Game: Why MLS fans should chill

CONCACAF: The MLS graveyard

Funny how the buzz over the Kansas City Wizards beating Manchester United can be killed so quickly. The Los Angeles Galaxy, several bajillion points ahead of the Wizards in the MLS table, played a more meaningful game last night in the CONCACAF Champions League against the Puerto Rico Islanders. And lost. At home. 4-1. This is a tournament that hasn’t been kind to MLS teams over the past decade. The competition actually went better for MLS in the old days, with the Galaxy reaching the 1997 finals (MLS’ second year) and D.C. United winning it in 1998. Then the Galaxy … Continue reading CONCACAF: The MLS graveyard

Women’s soccer: Small world, wouldn’t want to paint it *

Tom Dunmore has a post at BigSoccer about the global rise in women’s soccer, drawing from Nigeria’s upset of the USA in the U-20 Women’s World Cup. This women’s competition has indeed been as unpredictable as a men’s U-20 event, with unheralded African teams going toe-to-toe with the big names in the sport. This coincides with my debut at ESPN, in which I ponder the decline of women’s soccer’s popularity in the USA. The WUSA overspent, yes, but wouldn’t WPS love to have those attendance figures today? And the funny thing is that the games are better today than they … Continue reading Women’s soccer: Small world, wouldn’t want to paint it *

Freedom’s misfortunes touch Gold Pride, too

FC Gold Pride wasn’t necessarily planning to turn the entire Saturday evening at the Maryland SoccerPlex into one large-scale counterattack. The game just turned out that way, with the Bay Area team on their heels in the first half and then taking advantage of opportunities in the second.

The 4-1 final score was deceptive, and with Freedom keeper Erin McLeod suffering a knee injury bearing all the signs of something serious, the visitors weren’t getting too giddy.

Yet the game showed how much is going Gold Pride’s way this season and how much is going wrong for the Freedom, who tumbled out of playoff position with the loss.

Sympathy for McLeod

McLeod’s injury was particularly tough on Gold Pride forward Christine Sinclair, her Canadian national teammate.

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MLS fans: Shut the *&^&# up

There’s a disagreement over fan behavior going on in the blogosphere, and it’s clear that my longtime RFK pressbox pal Aaron Stollar (Fighting Talker, BigSoccer) is better-informed than Ethiene Rodriguez at EPL Talk. Usually, the better-informed person is right. And Aaron’s usually right. Unfortunately, this argument has hit upon a pet peeve of mine, which is gratuitous bleeping profanity at bleeping MLS games. There’s nothing clever or entertaining about chanting “&%$# you, ref” after a disagreeable call. Frankly, we had far better chants in high school. (My favorite: “Nuts and bolts! Nuts and bolts! We got screwed!”) There’s nothing clever … Continue reading MLS fans: Shut the *&^&# up

Friday Myriad: The dog ate it

Things I’ll try to watch this weekend while we finish up a long week of dog-sitting … FRIDAY 8:30 a.m.: Cycling, Tour de France, Stage 18. Flat stage with a likely sprint finish that will help decide the green jersey. Thor SMASH! Thor SMASH! Versus 8 p.m.: Softball, USA-Japan. First game of a lot of World Cup softball on ESPN networks this weekend. Jennie Finch has announced her imminent retirement. ESPN – full schedule of games at USA Softball SATURDAY 6 a.m.: Rugby, Tri-Nations, Australia-South Africa. (pay) 8:30 a.m.: Cycling, Tour de France, Stage 19. Time trial. That’s Andy … Continue reading Friday Myriad: The dog ate it