Monday Myriad: Marry Lolo, beat Phelps

A few things aside from the World Cup, the USA Track and Field Championships, the MLS weekend and Strikeforce, all of which will be covered in greater detail later. Poker: The World Series of Poker’s Tournament of Champions has run into a small problem: No one’s getting eliminated. Tennis: The top four men’s seeds — Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray — are all through the quarterfinals, along with No. 6 Robin Soderling. No. 5 Andy Roddick lost in five (fifth set: 9-7) to unknown Taiwanese player Yen-Hsun Lu. He took it well, as always. The women’s … Continue reading Monday Myriad: Marry Lolo, beat Phelps

Twitter, tabloids and Landon Donovan

One aspect of Twitter that we’re all slowly discovering is that a major limitation of the 140-character world is that others may infer, imply or outright guess what you’ve left out to fit in that Tweet. That’s why this post is, in part, a clarification of one of my own Tweets. I was very surprised to learn today from The Big Lead that Grant Wahl has heard an unnamed British tabloid is set to announce that a U.K. woman claims she is pregnant with Landon Donovan’s child. I was also surprised that I hadn’t already heard about it on Twitter, … Continue reading Twitter, tabloids and Landon Donovan

Friday Myriad: Enjoy the USA-Ghana game for what it is

At some point, it’s just about the game. If Landon Donovan scores a hat trick in a crushing 5-2 win over Ghana tomorrow, it won’t suddenly fill every MLS stadium and push Fox Soccer Channel’s MLS broadcasts to NFL levels. Nor would a 3-0 loss send U.S. soccer back to 1985. (The year, not the excellent Bowling for Soup song.) Saturday’s game is a great opportunity for the USA to match its best modern-day World Cup finish (no, I don’t count 1930 as modern-day in this case) and perhaps move on to more. Nothing more, nothing less. And it’s part … Continue reading Friday Myriad: Enjoy the USA-Ghana game for what it is

Isner-Mahut and Wimbledon: Triumph of will or failure of tennis?

Mahut-Isner: 40-40. No, not deuce. That’s the score in the fifth set of this match at Wimbledon that has captured the attention of Americans recovering from Landon Donovan’s goal. The stats boggle the mind. John Isner has 83 aces to Nicolas Mahut’s 69. Match duration: 458 minutes. ESPN’s crew has run out of superlatives. Then come the stats that raise questions. Mahut has won 22% of his receiving points, and he’s 1-for-1 on his lone break point back in the second set. Isner has won 21% of his receiving points, and he’s 1-for-12 on break points … 0-for-3 in the … Continue reading Isner-Mahut and Wimbledon: Triumph of will or failure of tennis?

The single-sport future

A few days ago, I set up a second Twitter feed at @duresportmma. That’s not something I plan to do often. You won’t see @duresportchess, @duresportbiathlon or @duresportmodernpentathlon. I just sensed that, despite a rush of interest from some MMA buddies in the World Cup, I had little overlap between MMA followers and those who know me mostly from soccer. Splitting my Twitter audience doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the notion of a multisport blog here at Sports Myriad. If I were going all out for high traffic, I’d probably pick a focus. Frankly, it’d most likely be MMA … Continue reading The single-sport future

Defending Italy — no, really

Far be it for me to defend Italian soccer in general. Every stereotype your soccer-bashing friends throw in your face is prevalent in the Italian game — nasty fans, match-fixing scandals, bad hair, exaggerated injuries and, of course, diving. But diving to imply a foul that doesn’t exist and falling down to draw attention to an actual foul are two different things. The first is reprehensible. The second is more difficult to judge. In the first half today, New Zealand’s Tommy Smith had a good handful of Daniele de Rossi’s shirt. De Rossi fell. Referee Carlos Batres of Guatemala whistled … Continue reading Defending Italy — no, really