Woly Award: LaShawn Merritt, track and field

LaShawn Merritt won the 2008 gold medal in the highly competitive 400 meters. He followed it up with a world title in 2009. Then the troubles began. He tested positive for a substance that he attributed to the drug ExtenZe. He returned with a second-place finish to Grenadan sensation Kirani James in 2011, then injuredContinue reading “Woly Award: LaShawn Merritt, track and field”

Weekend picks: Cycling, cricket and golf championships … of sorts

Three events this weekend are “championships” that are overshadowed by other events in their sports. One common thread: All three are condensed versions of sports that have longer, fairer tests of skill. Cycling:¬†We’ve already had three three-week tours (in men’s cycling, at least) as well as the Olympics. Pending future doping developments, we have aContinue reading “Weekend picks: Cycling, cricket and golf championships … of sorts”