The Freedom of the Majestic WPS FCs

Here’s a quick attempt to summarize what is known about women’s soccer teams in the Washington area as of 5:30 p.m. ET, March 24, 2011: – The Northern Virginia Majestics, affiliated with the PDL’s Northern Virginia Royals and Super-Y teams, will remain in the W-League, playing to the southwest of DC between Manassas and Dumfries.Continue reading “The Freedom of the Majestic WPS FCs”

Could D.C. fans find Freedom in W-League?

Here’s what we know about women’s soccer in the D.C. area and what we don’t know, all leading up to a couple of hypotheticals: KNOW: The WPS team formerly known as the Washington Freedom is now magicJack’s Washington Freedom. Yes, magicJack … not magicTalk. Dan Borislow, the team owner, says the product name “magicTalk” willContinue reading “Could D.C. fans find Freedom in W-League?”

Midweek Myriad: Marta, Nadal, handball, 1260s, etc.

One of the joys of following a hundred sports or so is that you’re not stuck dissecting the Super Bowl to the point that it becomes joyless. Instead, we have all this: – Marta signs with Western New York. A WPS shocker. Good news from a media point of view because it means more ofContinue reading “Midweek Myriad: Marta, Nadal, handball, 1260s, etc.”

Mad about the Freedom? Place the blame on …

Yes, WPS and Washington Freedom fans, I hear you. BigSoccer hears you. The transitional staff hears you. You’re sad that the name may change and that the team may play games in (or eventually move to) South Florida. You’re frustrated that the new owner is talking of upgrading the team to win a championship whileContinue reading “Mad about the Freedom? Place the blame on …”

Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated)

In working on a story that I’ll likely publish somewhere between now and Christmas (just in time for no one to see it), I was told by several people that the Washington Freedom were conducting business as usual for the moment. Nothing was set in stone in terms of changing the name from the FreedomContinue reading “Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated)”

Why the Washington Freedom should not collapse

Forgive me for going personal in this post, but it’s important to trace the history here: A few times in the five-year gap between the WUSA and WPS, I made the trek out to the Maryland SoccerPlex to see the Washington Freedom, still kicking around and keeping the name and flame alive for women’s soccerContinue reading “Why the Washington Freedom should not collapse”

WPS seasons change: Freedom advance, Scurry says goodbye, Antonucci out?

Updated below with Hope Solo comments, expansion news The Maryland SoccerPlex is a good bit cooler today that it was this summer. Rather than worrying about heatstroke, those of us in short-sleeve shirts wish we had brought jackets. As the seasons change, the WPS regular season ended as well, with a thrilling finale, a heartfeltContinue reading “WPS seasons change: Freedom advance, Scurry says goodbye, Antonucci out?”

Freedom’s misfortunes touch Gold Pride, too

FC Gold Pride wasn’t necessarily planning to turn the entire Saturday evening at the Maryland SoccerPlex into one large-scale counterattack. The game just turned out that way, with the Bay Area team on their heels in the first half and then taking advantage of opportunities in the second. The 4-1 final score was deceptive, andContinue reading “Freedom’s misfortunes touch Gold Pride, too”

Game report: Freedom 0, Red Stars 0 (updates with quotes)

BOYDS, Md. — Though they were playing at home, the Washington Freedom may consider themselves lucky to have escaped with a 0-0 draw Sunday against fellow playoff bubble team Chicago. Despite the oppressive heat — 96 degrees by one check at kickoff — the Red Stars came out running, with a direct approach that keptContinue reading “Game report: Freedom 0, Red Stars 0 (updates with quotes)”

WPS: Bompastor goes mindless; Solo reviews Dave Matthews

In terms of lead-ins for the Washington Freedom, D.C. United’s loss in the ancient broiler known as RFK Stadium wasn’t exactly a new episode of Seinfeld. Fortunately, the Freedom and St. Louis Athletica turned around with a game that entertained the few thousand who remained. “The fans that stayed over were loud,” Washington’s Abby WambachContinue reading “WPS: Bompastor goes mindless; Solo reviews Dave Matthews”