Two NWSL reserve teams in WPSL Final Four, we think

Never easy, but here’s what I’ve figured out so far from the WPSL site schedule: Home teams listed first, where applicable. West Region Champions of Northwest (Issaquah), Pac North (Spurs), Pac South (SoCal); plus Pac South runner-up (San Diego)  Playoffs (July 18) SoCal FC 5-0 Tottenham Hotspur Eastbay Ladies Issaquah Soccer Club 3-1 San DiegoContinue reading “Two NWSL reserve teams in WPSL Final Four, we think”

U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history

Through May 23, 2014, lower-division teams have beaten MLS teams 66 times. (MLS teams have won 160.) And based on a whole lot of spreadsheets, we can declare one particular lower-division team the most accomplished team in the Open Cup. The PDL is 38-87 against non-MLS pro leagues. But other amateur leagues are less successfulContinue reading “U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history”

U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard

Headlines (see glossary below): – The NPSL is out. Georgia Revolution fell 3-2 in the “Battle of Atlanta” against the NASL Silverbacks. – The USASA is out, though Dearborn took Dayton (USL Pro) to extra time before falling 4-1. – PDL upsets so far: Reading over Harrisburg (USL Pro), Ocean City over Pittsburgh (USL Pro),Continue reading “U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard”