Rousey’s armbar parade and the state of women’s MMA

As I’ve bragged repeatedly, perhaps because I’m so rarely ahead of the curve on such on things, I was touting Ronda Rousey as a future MMA star even before the 2008 Olympics. She was a badass, she was quotable, and she won a lot of her judo bouts by armbar — a good way ofContinue reading “Rousey’s armbar parade and the state of women’s MMA”

Welcome to the big leagues, UFC

MMA has a long-standing paradox. A monopoly of power would be a good thing in the sense that fans would have true world champions to celebrate. Yet it could be a bad thing in the sense that fighters could have little leverage over their pay and treatment, and MMA-related businesses could be pushed around. AndContinue reading “Welcome to the big leagues, UFC”

A farewell to Fedor? Plus other Strikeforce thoughts

One unfortunate aspect of being a latecomer to MMA is that I clearly missed some of the best fighters in their prime. I know Chuck Liddell dominated for years, but the first time I saw him in person, Rashad Evans knocked him unconscious. A couple more KOs later, he’s done. Fedor Emelianenko is a moreContinue reading “A farewell to Fedor? Plus other Strikeforce thoughts”

MMA tournaments: How to, how not to

The UFC started with a simple concept — eight men, one tournament, one winner. Since then, the “tournament” idea has remained but has been spread over more time. Japanese promotions have often held quarterfinals one night, then held semifinals and finals on the same night a couple of months later. Strikeforce will do the sameContinue reading “MMA tournaments: How to, how not to”

The curse of Fedor: Former opponents faring poorly

Dec. 31, 2004. Fedor Emelianenko defeats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the second time. He is Pride’s heavyweight champion and the winner of the heavyweight Grand Prix. At the same time, UFC is in heavyweight limbo due to Frank Mir’s motorcycle accident. Few can doubt that Fedor is the best heavyweight fighter in MMA. Fedor hasContinue reading “The curse of Fedor: Former opponents faring poorly”

Monday Myriad: Sparkling play in WPS, short-sighted decision in Italy

We’re starting with WPS for a highlight that probably didn’t make SportsCenter (correct me if it did) but should have. It’s Abby Wambach’s back-heel, throwing off three defenders and setting up the Washington Freedom’s first goal against the run of play as the Atlanta Beat once again looked wonderful but couldn’t finish. If you wantContinue reading “Monday Myriad: Sparkling play in WPS, short-sighted decision in Italy”

Monday Myriad: MMA apology time

Quick reminder: Boston Marathon this morning on Universal Sports. So what happened this weekend? SOCCER (Americas) – MLS: The Galaxy look great. The bottom teams look terrible. Full roundup already up. – WPS: Six and a half years ago, Abby Wambach scored both goals in the last WUSA final as the Washington Freedom defeated theContinue reading “Monday Myriad: MMA apology time”

Friday Myriad: What’s going on this week(end)

It’s a relatively slow time for the sports world outside the NBA and NHL, where the Capitals appear to have started breaking my heart. But you won’t be without viewing options this weekend. Read on for all of those (all times ET) and a look at the midweek news: MLS Comedy of errors last nightContinue reading “Friday Myriad: What’s going on this week(end)”