Dure: A Recreational Soccer Manifesto — Soccer Wire

Every soccer player starts as a recreational player. So rec leagues are important — and complicated, writes Beau Dure. They need to accommodate everyone from future pros to children with special needs. This week Beau offers up a comprehensive approach to making this entry level the most effective it can be.

Source: Dure: A Recreational Soccer Manifesto — Soccer Wire

Survey says status quo in youth soccer isn’t satisfactory

Soccer leagues are proliferating like milkweed in the mid-Atlantic. Are they meeting unserved needs, or just getting in each other’s way? To find out, Beau Dure asked 102 local coaches, technical directors and club administrators a series of multiple-choice and short answer questions.

Source: Dure: Survey says status quo in youth soccer isn’t satisfactory — Soccer Wire

Parents demanding more from youth soccer experience

A two-fer here. For FourFourTwo, I explained that soccer parents’ complaints are no longer as easy to dismiss as they may have been when no one understood the game.

Source: Parents rightfully demanding more from inconsistent youth soccer experience | FourFourTwo

Then a related piece for Soccer Wire:

Source: Dure: Are pro coaches really better than parents? | Soccer Wire

June 16, 2016


Mapping the chaotic youth soccer scene

The sprawling, chaotic, multi-layered Google Map from Hell: Select soccer clubs and leagues across the Mid-Atlantic region, where even second- and third-tier teams routinely drive hours for games.

Follow-up coming in July …

Source: Dure: Mapping the chaotic youth soccer scene — Soccer Wire

April 29, 2016