Monday Myriad, July 21: Spike and strike

This week: A couple of U.S. teams won world championships (one official, one nearly official), and we had a track meet with a series of dizzying performances.

We are the champions (I): U.S. men in the World League volleyball final.

We are the champions (II): U.S. women’s saber team in the fencing world championships.

And individually, Mariel Zagunis rocks on …

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: Remember when I did a few posts on the War on Nonrevenue Sports? (No you don’t, please don’t lie.) Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, also a U.S. Olympic Committee board members, sees a post-O’Bannon suit future in which men’s Olympic sports are gone.

Best doping excuse: Want to know why athletes often claim they doped accidentally or tested positive because of a contaminated supplement? Because it happens. Just ask biathlete Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle.

Speaking of the complex morality of doping …

“Daddy, can we ride the white elephant?”: No, because Barcelona is actually making good use of its Olympic venues.

Big things that happened at the Herculis Diamond League meet:

Take a look — Gatlin goes so fast he can hardly stay in his lane …

(Always a cynic …)

Over to the women’s 5,000 …


Then the women’s 800 for a big upset in a world-leading time by American Ajee Wilson, which you wouldn’t have expected even with 200 meters left …

And the men’s 1,500, where most of the top nine set some sort of mark …

And Tori Bowie — from unknown quantity on the track to dominance …

See the Daily Relay wrap.

Fond farewell: Thanks to Betsey Armstrong, you’ll no longer think of your 100-year-old distant cousin when you hear the name “Betsy.”

Monday Myriad, May 19: I win… oops …

Remember: Cross the finish line before you celebrate.

Two people forgot that lesson this week. The first one, Spanish cyclist Eloy Teruel, had an excuse. The finish for this particular stage of the Tour of California had multiple laps, and he didn’t realize he had one more.

And he maintained a sense of humor.

Less excusable: Taoufik Makhloufi. It’s only 800 meters. Don’t raise your arms after 795.

Also in track and field this week: Most of the Diamond League women’s steeplechase field decided not to go with the pacemaker. Too fast. American Emma Coburn took off with her. Everyone else waited for Coburn to crack and come back. She didn’t.

Daily Relay sums up what we learned from the Diamond League stop in Shanghai. The main takeaway: Blessing Okagbare is a legitimate triple threat.

Back to cycling: The overall winner of the Tour of California already has quite a few honors, even in his name.

The rest of the best and worst …

Best triathlete in Yokohama: Gwen Jorgensen won in the Japanese city for the second straight year.


Best catch: No, not baseball. Cricket. Your typical “catch, fling it in the air because you’re going over the boundary, jump back in and catch it again” play.



Best shooting mom: Olympic multimedalist Kim Rhode, who had a baby in the time between London 2012 and now, won her second straight skeet shooting World Cup.


Longest squash rally: As squash points go, this was the jam band/prog rock version.


Best equestrian 1-2:


Most exciting event to watch tomorrow: 


Worst water: Olympic sailing in 2016 doesn’t look like a lot of fun.