Bare-knuckle fighting, 21st century edition

Think “bare-knuckle fighting,” and you’re likely to think one of two things: 1. Sheer brutality. 2. Men with handsome mustaches standing upright or leaning backwards for 864 rounds as they occasionally try to hit each other. (Yes, that’s the legendary John L. Sullivan,the first (or maybe┬áthe third) true heavyweight champion and certainly the last toContinue reading “Bare-knuckle fighting, 21st century edition”

Sochi recap: Curling, women’s bronze medal game

Young British skip Eve Muirhead hit all the shots as she needed them, taking Olympic bronze in a well-played bronze medal game. Date: 20-Feb Sport: Curling Event: Women’s bronze medal game, Britain vs. Switzerland What happened: Switzerland’s Mirjam Ott had all the shots early. She was dialed in on her takeouts to take two inContinue reading “Sochi recap: Curling, women’s bronze medal game”

Sochi recap: Curling, men’s tiebreaker

The flashy pants of Norway are out of the Olympics, as Britain took a close decision with a tremendous shot. Date: 18-Feb Sport: Curling Event: Men’s tiebreaker (winner goes to semifinals) What happened: Norway started with the hammer, and they traded singles through the first four ends. Norway got two in the fifth, we gotContinue reading “Sochi recap: Curling, men’s tiebreaker”