Olympic coverage at Bleacher Report

I’ve returned to Bleacher Report to help out with Rio coverage, with three pieces so far … Preview slideshow of the top events to watch at the track and field trials. When will the next generation of men’s 100m sprinters arrive? Top storylines to follow from now to the start of the Games. I was also happy to see the last thing I wrote for B/R in 2012 is still valid: 10 Bridesmaids from London Who Will Medal in Rio. A quick check shows nine of the 10 are indeed in contention. Continue reading Olympic coverage at Bleacher Report

UFC: Your unofficial guide to survival as a reporter

Dana White can make things very difficult for those who cross him in any way. Rival promotions are left in the dust. Fighters are cut. And reporters, even entire news organizations, can be tossed into the cold. The funny thing is that I still like him on a personal level, and I respect what he and the Fertitta brothers did to build MMA from a sideshow to a main event. Had the UFC folded circa 2004 when the brothers were losing a ton of money, I doubt MMA would ever have risen to anything resembling the prominence it has today. … Continue reading UFC: Your unofficial guide to survival as a reporter

UFC contracts laid bare, marginally fair

Ever see something that used to be top-secret, then wondered why it was so secret? That’s what happened today when Bleacher Report flexed its investigative muscle (No, I don’t mean that sarcastically — they’re making progress) and came up with a UFC fighter’s contract. Then they got comments from Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC general counsel Lawrence Epstein, fighter agent Juanito Ibarra, Randy Couture and labor law professor Zev Eigen. The result is well worth the read. But as with a lot of good journalism, it should start the discussion, not end it. With that in mind, here are a … Continue reading UFC contracts laid bare, marginally fair