Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015

Selected features and interviews, plus coverage from several Olympics: Features Dec. 1, 2015: US college sports are a factory for Olympic medalists – but for how much longer? (The Guardian) Nov. 7, 2015: Speed skating: can the US team shine after the failure of Sochi? (The Guardian) Aug. 30, 2015: Why Serena Williams, not Ronda Rousey, isContinue reading “Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015”

Monday Myriad, March 24: Overseas networking

As we bid farewell to winter sports for the year, some athletes are wrapping club seasons all over the place. People who read this blog probably know all about soccer and maybe basketball. But how about volleyball? Dozens of U.S. athletes are overseas — many of them making money that soccer players are not. AnContinue reading “Monday Myriad, March 24: Overseas networking”

Sochi recap: Biathlon, men’s relay

A thrilling final leg in the last biathlon event of these Olympics saw Russia pull away for gold in front of a raucous home crowd, while Ole Einar Bjoerndalen could only watch as Emil Hegle Svendsen’s wayward shooting cost him a final medal for the collection. Date: 22-Feb Sport: Biathlon Event: Men’s 4×7.5k relay Medalists:Continue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, men’s relay”

Sochi recap: Biathlon, women’s relay

Wild day in Olympic biathlon, with Germany and France out of contention in the first leg while Canada and the USA were in the top five with one leg to go. And then an inspiring winner — Ukraine, torn apart by unrest at home, came together for a strong win. Date: 21-Feb Sport: Biathlon Event: Women’s relay Medalists: Ukraine,Continue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, women’s relay”

Sochi recap: Biathlon, mixed relay

Norway’s Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is officially the Olympic record-holder for most medals in winter. He shot cleanly and put Norway well out in front of a new event, biathlon’s mixed relay, to claim his 13th medal. Relay format: Shooters carry spare bullets in addition to the usual clips of five. They can use three sparesContinue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, mixed relay”

Sochi recap: Biathlon, men’s mass start

Good things come to those who wait, and the fog lifted just enough for this Olympic highlight — Emil Hegle Svendsen holding off rival Martin Fourcade, aiming for his third gold of the Games, by a foot. If that. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, bidding to be the first athlete to win 13 Winter Olympic medals, chargedContinue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, men’s mass start”

Sochi recap: Biathlon, women’s mass start

These Olympics belong to Darya Domracheva and Belarus. Norway has been full of disappointment in the Russian mountains but picked up a surprising medal here, while American Susan Dunklee continued to chase U.S. history. Date: 17-Feb Sport: Biathlon Event: Women’s mass start (12.5k) Medalists: Darya Domracheva (Belarus), Gabriela Soukalova (Czech Republic), Tiril Eckhoff (Norway) SportsMyriad projections: Darya Domracheva (Belarus), ToraContinue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, women’s mass start”

Sochi non-recap: Biathlon, men’s mass start

We’ll try again tomorrow at 1 a.m. ET. Date: 16-Feb Sport: Biathlon Event: Men’s mass start (15k) Medalists: None SportsMyriad projections: Still Martin Fourcade (France), Tarjei Boe (Norway), Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) How U.S. fared: They didn’t. What happened: Fog.

Sochi recap: Biathlon, women’s individual

Olympic pressure is especially tough in this race, where each missed shot costs an athlete one minute. Several contenders shot themselves right out of the race. But Darya Domracheva showed her class, missing just once and skiing very well as Belarus took two medals. Date: 14-Feb Sport: Biathlon Event: Women’s individual (15k) Medalists: Darya Domracheva (Belarus),Continue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, women’s individual”

Sochi recap: Biathlon, men’s individual

France’s Martin Fourcade took his second gold medal of these Olympic Games. That was expected. Silver for Germany’s Erik Lesser was not. Bronze for Russia’s Evgeniy Garanichev defied all reason. And the USA’s Lowell Bailey had the best U.S. finish ever with a solid eighth-place run. Date: 13-Feb Sport: Biathlon Event: Men’s individual (20k) Medalists: Martin Fourcade (France), ErikContinue reading “Sochi recap: Biathlon, men’s individual”