Tension in the NWSL: can the league and players live together in harmony? 

This isn’t the first league Hope Solo has roasted on Twitter. Now other players have joined in. Can the league survive the tension?

Source: Tension in the NWSL: can the league and players live together in harmony? | Football | The Guardian

The Great U.S. Women’s Soccer Labor Dispute of 2016

A few bits of history and perspective that pointed out some inconvenient facts …

— For The Guardian, comments from the U.S. women’s national team’s lawyers along with facts, figures and questions about how this could all play out. (Will we have a league? Will we have a better national team? Will everyone get paid?

Source: The US women’s soccer pay dispute: a tangled web with no easy answers | Football | The Guardian

April 11, 2016

— For OZY, a flashback on a previous labor dispute that actually reached the point of calling in replacement players, albeit replacements who were also on board with what the striking players were doing.

Source: When Women Walked Out on Soccer

May 9, 2016

— For FourFourTwo, a piece on U.S. Soccer’s rebuttal to the team’s EEOC complaint. And the question: What do the women really want?

Source: USWNT vs. U.S. Soccer: What do the players really want?

June 2, 2016


Women’s soccer writing: 2004-2015

Selected women’s soccer pieces, including coverage of the Women’s World Cup (2011) and the demise of WPS:

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WPS dissolution/magicJack suit (ESPN/espnW)

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