RSD 14: The next U.S. Soccer president?

The problems in U.S. Soccer run deeper than the water that flooded Ato Boldon Stadium in Trinidad and Tobago before the U.S. men’s anemic performance and shocking exit from the World Cup on Tuesday night. There’s an arrogance throughout the federation. There’s chaos in youth soccer, where the costs keep spiraling upward with no tangible results. My guest on Ranting Soccer Dad: Episode 14 is out to change that. He’s Steven Gans, and he’s challenging Sunil Gulati for the presidency of U.S. Soccer. The election will be at the federation’s Annual General Meeting, Feb. 8-11 in Orlando. He believes he … Continue reading RSD 14: The next U.S. Soccer president?

Women in U.S. Soccer leadership

No, it’s not a blank post. The Guardian recently posed the question of whether a woman could be elected U.S. Soccer president, focusing on one of the more likely candidates (we think) — Julie Foudy. The response from Foudy? “It’s not realistic.” But it’s not because a good female candidate couldn’t win. Foudy also says that most women are unable to even consider running for the position because it is an unpaid role with a high workload. “How much work does Sunil do for a volunteer position?” Foudy says. “There’s no pay for the president so what woman who needs … Continue reading Women in U.S. Soccer leadership

Alex Morgan’s ejection from Epcot: Not a big deal, not not newsworthy

Let’s first get rid of the notion that male athletes or public figures would not make the news if they were tossed from a bar — let alone tossed from Epcot Center, where hundreds of people may have seen the incident — or some similar things: Ric Flair tossed out of bar (pro wrestler) Deshaun Watson kicked out of bar (football player) Something about a hat (also football) Something about paying with bubble gum (also football) Noooo! Harry Potter himself tossed from bar! (male actor) Underage college drinking (football) Underage college drinking (basketball) More college drinking (football) Remember Freddy Adu? (soccer) … Continue reading Alex Morgan’s ejection from Epcot: Not a big deal, not not newsworthy

NASL, U.S. Soccer cannot agree on court timeline

U.S. Soccer has responded to the NASL’s antitrust lawsuit — not a full-scale rebuttal of the charges, but a complaint about the NASL’s desire to get to court as quickly as possible. The USSF response goes on to say: USSF was served with the NASL complaint two days ago. (They underline it in the complaint.) That complaint is really long — 71 pages, plus three declarations totaling 113 pages (Stefan Szymanski’s is 80) NASL asked for this schedule, the USSF response says: Oct. 4: USSF response to the suit Oct. 11: NASL response to the response Oct. 18: Hearing Before all … Continue reading NASL, U.S. Soccer cannot agree on court timeline