Numbers on NWSL TV invisibility don’t add up

Fox made a big splash this year with the Bundesliga, easily one of the four best leagues in the world and one that holds a certain charm for U.S. fans, especially us old folks who remember Soccer Made In Germany.

The early ratings are in, and they’re not good. The only games drawing more than 50,000 viewers were broadcast on two channels in two languages, and you have to add them together to break 50K.

The NWSL, with far less fanfare and far fewer resources sunk into production, did better than that when it debuted in 2013.

So would someone care to explain to me why the NWSL doesn’t deserve a better TV deal? At least as good as whatever Fox is paying for the men’s Bundesliga?

Published by

Beau Dure

The guy who wrote a bunch of soccer books and now runs a Gen X-themed podcast while substitute teaching and continuing to write freelance stuff.

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