Borislow lawsuits go on

The Palm Beach Post reports today, in a story behind a paywall that required three incredibly frustrating efforts to sign up, that Dan Borislow’s estate has not been settled because of several lawsuits and claims.

The lawsuits and claims against him:

  • $674,000 to Palm Beach Kennel Club, where he won $6.67 million and change on one race card in May but placed many more bets last year. Borislow’s wife has disputed the claim.
  • $3.3 million to one Michael Ciprianni of Palm Beach Gardens.
  • $6 million to the IRS. He and his wife challenged that claim in U.S. Tax Court in 2011.
  • $200 million against Borislow and his former company, magicJack, from a Miami company called, claiming infringement on NetTALK’s technology to make magicJack Plus. That was filed in 2012. Borislow scoffed mightily at the time.

But Borislow had a couple of suits going the other way as well, though they’ve both been settled:

  • Against Canaccord Genuity Group for negative remarks from one of their analysts.
  • Against magicJack for $20 million. Yes, his former company. The suit is posted at Scribd and is worth a perusal just for the opening reminder that magicJack “would not exist and would not be successful if it were not for Borislow’s Herculean dedication, investment, effort, and ingenuity for almost a decade.” The company’s CEO also said “would not exist without him” in an earnings call soon after Borislow’s passing.

There’s not much else to say. I spent a bit too much time on Google and my favorite legal sites, and I can’t really add anything. We can only hope for the sake of Borislow’s family that this all wraps up soon and brings them some peace.

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