We’ve won over the English

Brilliant read from the Telegraph celebrates Tim Howard, U.S. fandom, Clint Dempsey’s goals, Michael Bradley’s distance covered, and the USA’s knack for making World Cup games interesting …

Setting aside the 1-0 defeat to Germany, they were all belters. Edging out Ghana late on, succumbing to a Portugal equaliser even later on, and a deranged attempt to upset Belgium with only the power of hard work and Gatorade.

via 33 reasons why we love the US men’s soccer team.

And it’s true. Miserable flop or wild ride, the USA does not do boring.

2002: Stunning first-half rout of Portugal, surviving the South Korean tempest, referee robbery against Poland (but advancing anyway), dos a cero, denied by KAHHHHNNN against Germany.

2006: The Italy game alone: McBride’s bloody face, 10v9, a game-winner unluckily (though correctly) waved off. Then the Reyna injury curse striking at the worst possible time against Ghana.

2010: 1-1 vs. England, Coulibalied against Slovenia, ALGERIA!!, extra time against Ghana.

Not a world champion, not always in the knockout stages. Never dull.

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