Diamonds are the USMNT’s best friend

Can anyone make sense of the new diamond midfield that’s really more of a parallelogram? Today, Zonal Marking and’s Central Winger gave it a try.

With the fullbacks spending so much time on offense, maybe it’s the old W-M formation:

football formations

Or not — Jones may be nominally the left mid but is more of a destroyer. Like so.

football formations

That doesn’t seem right, does it? Maybe move Beasley farther up the field and shift the defense to cover that space. Have Beasley link up with Dempsey on the left, like so:

football formations

You could call that a 3-3-1-2-1, but the midfield roles should be fluid. So for sake of simplicity, we’ll call it … uh … we’ll call it …

… oh no …

A 3-6-1! RUN!

(repeat to yourself: tactics don’t matter … tactics don’t matter … tactics don’t matter …)

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Beau Dure

The guy who wrote a bunch of soccer books and now runs a Gen X-themed podcast while substitute teaching and continuing to write freelance stuff.

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