The W-League and WPSL playoff picture, weekend update

Thanks to the WPSL for a release confirming the playoff situation throughout its many regional divisions. Using that, I’ll update what I ran with the power rankings on Tuesday:


West: Pali Blues, Seattle Sounders Women. This weekend’s game is interesting but meaningless; next week’s game is winner-take-all.

Central: The first-place Ottawa Fury will host the league semis and final, so they get a bye past the divisional rounds. The second-place team gets to host the divisional playoffs, so that race is rather important. The four teams themselves are set.
20 Quebec City Amiral – vs. Rochester (Fri), at Ottawa (Sun)
19 Toronto Lady Lynx – at Hamilton (Sun)
18 Laval Comets – vs. Rochester (Sat)
14 Hamilton FC Rage – vs. Toronto (Sun)

Eastern-Atlantic: D.C. United Women will host the East playoffs. The runner-up also is in the playoffs, and a game that was postponed and rescheduled to Sunday should make the difference:
18 Virginia Beach Piranhas – vs. D.C. (Sat), at Fredericksburg (Sun)
17 Fredericksburg Impact – at Northern Virginia (Sat), vs. Virginia Beach (Sun)

Eastern-Southeast: One game for the playoff spot:
27 Atlanta Silverbacks – at Charlotte (Sat)
26 Charlotte Lady Eagles – vs. Atlanta (Sat)

Eastern-Northeast: North Jersey eliminated New Jersey with a 1-1 draw on Wednesday. The Wildcats have 21 points, but either Long Island or New Jersey will end up with more than 24.
24 Long Island Rough Riders – vs. North Jersey (Sat)
23 North Jersey Valkyries – at Long Island (Sat)


New England’s longshot playoff bid ended with a 3-3 draw to Chesapeake. The four pro teams — Boston, Chicago, Western New York and New York — are in the playoffs.



* Pacific South (one berth): San Diego SeaLions got it.

Pacific North (one berth): Still a mess heading into final weekend –
15 North Bay FC Wave – at Bay Area (Fri), at Cal Storm (Sat)
15 California Storm – vs. North Bay (Sat), only one game left
13 West Coast Wildkatz  – at Cent Cal (Sat), at Bay Area (Sun)
12 Bay Area Breeze – vs. North Bay (Fri), vs. West Coast (Sun)
12 Central California Heat – vs. West Coast (Sat), at San Francisco (Sun)

Northwest (one berth): Actually an update from Wednesday night: Issaquah Soccer Club drew 1-1 with Emerald City FC, leaving a messy playoff race.
18 Issaquah – vs. Emerald City (Sun)
14 Emerald City – at Spokane (Fri), at Issaquah (Sun)
14 Spokane Shine – vs. Emerald City (Fri), vs. Oregon Rush (Sat)
Oregon is 0-9-0  (-47 goal difference in nine games).

Big Sky North (one berth): Salt Lake United (18 pts.), which is also in the Women’s Cup (see below), is a 99% certainty. They’re six ahead of Utah Starzz and would win a head-to-head tiebreaker. For head-to-head purposes, consider these scores from earlier in the season: Salt Lake United 3-1 Phoenix U23, Salt Lake United 11-1 Phoenix Del Sol. Now the curious part — the Phoenix teams from the same club will play each other, with the result worth double.

So here are the teams still mathematically alive:
18 Salt Lake United – at Phoenix Del Sol (Fri), at Phoenix U23 (Sat)
6 Phoenix Del Sol – vs. Salt Lake (Fri), vs. Utah (Sat), vs. U23 (Sun)
6 Phoenix U23 – vs. Utah (Fri), vs. Salt Lake (Sat), vs. Del Sol (Sun)


* Big Sky South (four berths): We have updates. First thing to know — teams are playing 13-game schedules.
30 FC Dallas – at Fort Worth (Fri), vs. TFC (Sun)
26 Oklahoma Football Club – at Tulsa (Fri), vs. TFC (Sat)
23 American Eagles Soccer Club – vs. Houston Aces (Sat), just one game left
19 Houston South Select – at Tulsa Spirit (Sat), at Arkansas Comets (Sun)
19 Tulsa Spirit – vs. Oklahoma (Fri), vs. Houston South (Sat)

Midwest (no berths): FC Milwaukee Nationals won all five games.


Sunshine (four berths): Tampa Bay Hellenic has run the table so far and clinched first place. The battle is just for seeding and home field — the higher seed will host each game of the semis and final.
18 Tampa Bay Hellenic – vs. Boca Blast (Sat), vs. South Florida (Sun)
10 Florida Sol FC – at South Florida (Sat), vs. Boca Blast (Sun)
8 Team Boca Blast – at Tampa Bay (Sat), at Florida Sol (Sun)
5 South Florida Strikers – vs. Florida Sol (Sat), at Tampa Bay (Sun)

Southeast (one berth): Gulf Coast Texans scored 31 and conceded 3 in seven games.


The playoffs start this week. Teams:

Northeast Atlantic-North (two berths): Aztec MA , New England Mutiny Reserves

Northeast Atlantic-Mid (two berths): New York Athletic Club (also in Women’s Cup semis), Syracuse Lady Knights

Northeast Atlantic-South (two berths): Maryland Capitols FC, FC Bucks

Aztec and NYAC get byes and will host semifinals in the middle of next week. The other four play this weekend.

– Syracuse at Maryland, 3 p.m. ET Sunday
– FC Bucks at New England, tba


Incidentally, here’s the U.S. Women’s Cup schedule (clicked on spreadsheet from USASA site – L3/ E 105 315483)

Friday, July 20, 10:30 a.m. CT
– Turbo D’Feeters (TX) vs. Chicago Red Stars, Toyota Park turf field
– New York Athletic Club vs. Salt Lake United, Argo High School turf field

Sunday, July 22, noon CT
– Final, Toyota Park game field

(Toyota Park and Argo High School are about two miles apart in the Chicago suburbs.)

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