WPS shutdown: Four days of reaction



One thought on “WPS shutdown: Four days of reaction

  1. Like you point out, you can really see the focus the National Team coaches and players put on the upcoming Olympics, which translates to almost total apathy (or denial) regarding the failure of WPS. I can understand this sentiment to an extent, but there seems to be a little too much security in the knowledge that US Soccer is still writing those national team checks.

    And as you seem to imply, that devotion to the national team set up seems to be working against a critical evaluation of the state of women’s pro soccer in the States – if the National Team is basically a “pro” side, with corresponding financial compensation, then where will the urgency to get US Soccer, the national team, the WPSL, and the W-League working together come from? We need our top players to lead this thing, not to sit back in the comfort of national team games and checks and wait for others to build something up.

    The period beginning after this year’s Olympics and before the Women’s World Cup in 2015 is critical. If the WPSL and W-League can’t start working together before then, continuing to split resources and talent, and if the national team players don’t start making a bigger commitment to pro soccer in the States (in a modest form) then no amount of 2015 WWC or 2016 Olympics buzz will matter. The foundation for long term success has to be laid now in order to capitalize on 2015-16. Hopefully US Soccer will get off their butts and help shepherd the two leagues into cooperative talks (no reason they can’t go in together on a pro league while keeping their semi-pro models separate).

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