Germany 3: Bochum’s bad rap

First up — gotta plug my latest espnW content: My report from Japan-New Zealand, featuring the almost-overconfident Ferns and my second video from Berlin, opening with a joke about one of Julie Foudy’s prior endorsement deals. Bochum. I used to pronounce it “BO-kum.” Excuse me — “BEAU-kum.” But as I get used to listening to German, I’ve started to adopt some affectations. So it’s slowly morphing into “BO-khum.” Or “BO-(phlegmy sound)m.” Some might say that’s appropriate. Bochum doesn’t have the best reputation as a tourist destination. In my Lonely Planet guide to Germany, it’s fully covered in two pages. On a … Continue reading Germany 3: Bochum’s bad rap

Germany 2: Leaving Berlin, never easy

I’ll let the pictures tell the story for the most part. I’ve covered so much of my stay in Berlin for ESPN and espnW already. (See the game story, crowd story, day-before press conference story and video – hoping to see second video later.) They are paying me, after all. SportsMyriad is not. I should chat with the boss. (Or chat with the readers who aren’t clicking these ads.) Berlin left quite an impression on me. So much so that I started ranking it among all the major cities I’ve visited. I count 20-30 cities in the USA, depending on … Continue reading Germany 2: Leaving Berlin, never easy

Germany: Day 1-2

A few notes from the trip: – Lufthansa is a very nice airline, but the pilots seem intent on breaking speed records. We landed in Frankfurt and Berlin at high speed with a little bounce, then hit the brakes as if they’ve just run into heavy traffic on the Beltway. – My first public transit didn’t go so well, but I don’t have to repeat it. I had to take a bus from Berlin’s soon-to-be-closed Tegel Airport, and that required standing in a long line for a ticket machine. (Or so I was told by all the signs — on … Continue reading Germany: Day 1-2

Quick international update and break

As you may have seen or guessed, I will spend the next couple of weeks traveling in Germany, covering the Women’s World Cup. The top priority on SportsMyriad is still finishing up the 2012 medal projections. If I get bored on my train rides, I might make some progress on those. More likely is that I’ll be catching up on World Cup work, reading and/or sleep on those train rides. The Women’s World Cup is the start of a busy stretch in all our favorite Myriad sports. Some highlighted start dates from the calendar: July 2: Tour de France July … Continue reading Quick international update and break

Thunderstruck: D.C. United Women’s home debut

A decent crowd was walking up to the stadium despite the 100-degree heat, the bagpipes were in effect, the staff was ready, the players were warming up … Bzzzt … beep … blaaaaaare … bzzt. That’s the static-electricity detector at the Maryland Soccerplex, telling everyone to get inside. So for two hours, fans and players crowded into the gym at the Plex, waiting for the all-clear. The rain didn’t last long, but we were just close enough to a couple of passing storm cells to see some flashes and hear some rumbles, each one restarting the countdown until we could … Continue reading Thunderstruck: D.C. United Women’s home debut

Friends, athletes, objectivity and professionalism (SEO adds: MMA and sex)

You CANNOT make friends with the rock stars. That’s what’s important. If you’re a rock journalist – first, you will never get paid much. But you will get free records from the record company. And they’ll buy you drinks, you’ll meet girls, they’ll try to fly you places for free, offer you drugs… I know. It sounds great. But they are not your friends. These are people who want you to write sanctimonious stories about the genius of the rock stars, and they will ruin rock and roll and strangle everything we love about it.

That’s the semi-fictionalized Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman) in the classic Almost Famous, the semi-autobiographical Cameron Crowe film about a young journalist getting advice from Bangs and going out on the road with a typical ’70s band.

Though I grew up wanting to write for Rolling Stone, I’m now glad MMA journalism is about as close as I’ll ever get. Sex, drugs and rock and roll? Well, there’s a bit of rock and roll. Aside from the occasional performance-enhancing drug scandal or marijuana aficionado, we don’t have any drugs.

Sex? That’s a little trickier. And being friends? Even trickier. The Karyn Bryant-Rampage Jackson interview raised a few questions along those lines.

Continue reading “Friends, athletes, objectivity and professionalism (SEO adds: MMA and sex)”

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 10: The finalists are …

After a slow start to the season, everything has perked up in the last couple of weeks. We’ve seen some decent fights, some brazen efforts to grab reality-show infamy, some heartwarming kindness and some drunken idiocy. Tonight, we have a pair of semifinals, each compelling in its own right. And I get to find out who’ll need to put up with my stupid interview questions this weekend. Credits roll — hey, does anyone remember seeing Mick Bowman or Justin Edwards say anything over the course of the season? Justin was unlucky to miss out on a wild-card spot due to … Continue reading The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 10: The finalists are …