“Ramos Project” looks promising

Quick impressions on an impressive beta version of

– Outstanding: Bottom navigation featuring the latest two offerings of regular features such as Talking Tactics, Armchair Analyst, The Throw-In, etc. Finding regular features on the site has been difficult until now.

Opta stats! Opta stats! And more Opta stats! Very nice. Now if those could be integrated with player profiles, we’d really be onto something.

– Player profiles have game logs that include tell you whether a player started, subbed or was left on the bench. Nice detail, though it’d be nice to know whether a player was omitted from the 18 altogether. And it’d be really nice to know if he was suspended, injured or just out of favor. Some of those details exist in the game notes that MLS has usually made available in massive PDF files, and it’d be great if that data could be available on the site in a more useful format.

– The video highlights didn’t crash Google Chrome! We’ll have to see if Matchday Live also works on Chrome.

As with any beta, we’ll have to see how well it stands up, and you may spot the occasional bug. But it’s hard to label this anything but encouraging progress.

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