The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 4: Underestimate this

Team Lesnar’s remaining fighters are “The Four Horsemen”: Tony Ferguson, Chuck O’Neil, Clay Harvison and Charlie Rader.

But Clay struggles in practice and says his head isn’t in it. Brock says Charlie also is lollygagging. Great Bull Durham shoutout.

To the house, where we’ve seen few shenanigans. Chuck is the jokester, clowning around with his buddy Charlie. Chuck also makes Charlie eat his vegetables. “What would I do without you?” Charlie asked. “You’d be at 183,” Chuck says.

Fight announcement comes early. Junior dos Santos picks Ramsey Nijem, whom he calls his No. 1 wrestler, to fight Charlie. Chuck says Charlie was a high school champion wrestler with hard hands. It’s a daring pick, definitely — Charlie has beaten a couple of quality opponents in Bellator and was Lesnar’s second pick.

Ramsey painted his toenails, and he watches Glee. It’s safe to say others make fun of him. He takes it well. Then he dances in the nude. That’s a little disturbing, especially for roommate Shamar. Chuck: “We’re not sure Ramsey knows he has to fight.”

Ramsey tells Shamar he doesn’t mind at all if Team Lesnar thinks he’s a goofball. Let them underestimate me.

Lesnar brings in Matt Hughes, guaranteed to inspire some and annoy others. He rolls with Lesnar’s Four Horsemen, and they guys say they’ve learned a lot. Hughes likes Charlie’s attitude.

That’s it? Hughes isn’t going to drop any insults on someone? Pontificate about someone’s supposed shortcomings? Having Hughes on the show without having him stir anything up is like a hockey team sending out its enforcer to shake hands with the ref.

Ramsey says Charlie hasn’t been through any wars. He, on the other hand, has fought tough people. Didn’t realize Showdown Fights had a tougher talent pool than Bellator, but that’s what fighters have to say to psych themselves up.

The house seems to have been totally renovated. There’s a feng shui’d sand room. The kitchen has counter space along the walls.

Weigh-ins: Charlie has a “JESUS” tattoo across his belly. Brock notices Ramsey’s painted toenails and tells Charlie, “If you don’t beat this guy, it’s a disgrace.” Brock has met Chuck Liddell, right? If not, let Jon Stewart fill you in (start around 5-minute mark).

Ramsey: There’s no glory wrestling in college. You beat someone, and the seven people (in the crowd) clap. So he’s used to fighting before small crowds? Unusual thing to claim as an advantage.

Round 1: Herb Dean is our ref. Ramsey presses action early, throwing hands and then shooting. He gets Charlie against cage. They clinch and trade. For a while. Charlie looks much bigger, but Ramsey holds his own until he lands a knee in the privates. Charlie gets time to recover, and they restart in the center. Ramsey again presses forward, walks through a punch and gets Charlie to the cage. This time, Ramsey is in slightly better position to land knees, and he gets a body lock. Finally, with 70 seconds left, Ramsey gets him down. But his ground-and-pound work is brief, as Charlie scrambles back to his feet. Ramsey again outworks Charlie on the fence and gets a second takedown, which should clinch a 10-9 score in the round.

Brock has interesting advice for Charlie: “This is for real, buddy! This is for real!”

Round 2: Charlie misses wildly, Ramsey ducks under, presses to cage, grabs and slams. Again Charlie scrambles quickly. Charlie lands a hammerfist or two while Ramsey re-establishes body lock, but Ramsey gets him down again. This time, Charlie gives up his back. The end is inevitable from there. Charlie shows little in defense as Ramsey quickly softens him up and slips the arm under for the rear naked choke. Charlie taps immediately.

I didn’t see it coming, but Brock says he knew is was over when he saw Ramsey’s eyes. “It wasn’t in Charlie’s eyes.”

Brock thinks Charlie basically quit. Dana agrees — “tapped as quick as you could tap.”

Chuck is mad. Brock is unhappy as he steps in the cage. “These guys don’t even want to be here.”

Ramsey says he showed he’s not just here to paint his toenails. He and Junior dance in the locker room.

In Brock’s locker room, they make quick, vague reference to a shoulder injury for Charlie. Could easily have happened on one of the slams — Charlie put his arm down awkwardly.

But we don’t get details. Brock goes off on his team. “I fought my heart out,” says Len, who walks out. Len actually did. That apparently leads to some conflict next week, when we’ll also revisit concerns that Chris Cope is a “double agent” and someone gets hurt.

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