‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 13 cast

Spike just released the cast list for the new season, and so like every other MMA blogger without a full-time office job, I’ve been scouring Sherdog and elsewhere for info about each guy. Here’s what we have — good luck pinning those the records on any TUF cast:

Nordin “Fists of Tangier” Asrih: 16-5-1 (he says 16-6-1); 32-year-old German with a lot of European fights, including one M-1 Challenge loss. Notable losses include Tomasz Drwal and Lucio Linhares.

Shamar Bailey: 10-3, with a couple of fights in Strikeforce. Beat John Kolosci on the Fedor-Rogers undercard. 0-2 in 2010.

Len “The Liger” Bentley: 9-4 (he says 8-4), with one Strikeforce: Challengers bout (a win vs. Marques Daniel). Faced future TUF fighter Cody McKenzie and lost by, what else, a guillotine choke. Army vet.

Mick Bowman: 7-2 (he says 8-2), continuing the pipeline to TUF from from England’s Wolfslair. Like Michael Bisping and others, he says he has sacrificed everything to be here.

Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell: Spike says he’s 8-1, but Sherdog says he’s 2-1, with two wins in 2008 and a loss last year.

Chris “C-Murder” Cope: 4-1; last fight was a TKO win over Ron Keslar on Strikeforce’s Fedor-Werdum card.

Zach Davis: 4-1; a Lloyd Irvin fighter who never fought in Virginia on a UWC card? How am I supposed to scout him?

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson: 10-2; had seven fights in 2009. Notable opponent is Karen Darabedyan (loss).

Clay Harvison: 6-1 (he says 8-2); spread out his fights over four years. At 30, he’s second-oldest on the show after Asrih.

Myles “Fury” Jury: 9-0 (he says 8-0); Spike gives age as 22, and yet Sherdog lists a fight for him in 2005. Most of his fights in King of the Cage. No fight longer than 2:55 – 4 TKOs, 2 tapouts due to strikes, 1 armbar, 1 guillotine, 1 neck crank.

Ryan McGillivray: 11-4-1; Canadian with experience in MFC and TFC. Sherdog gives nickname as “The Kid,” but now that he’s all of 24 years old, perhaps he’s shedding that tag.

Ramsey Nijem: 4-1 (Spike) or 4-0 (Sherdog); another Utah fighter testing himself in TUF. Once shared a card with two TUF vets — Josh Burkman (who won) and Junie Browning (who did not). Also just 22. Palestinian refugee.

Charlie “Superstar” Rader: 16-5 (Spike) or 13-3 (Sherdog). Either record is impressive. Knocked out TUF vet Josh Rafferty on Bellator card in September. Based on records, he might be the favorite.

Javier “Junty Boy” Torres: 3-0 (Spike) or 2-0 (Sherdog). Two first-round wins in 2010.

Enjoy the official introductory video. Looks like we also saw a good bit of Torres in the intriguing audition video, from which none of the other interviewees made the cut. Look carefully at the video, and you’ll see Dana White and Joe Silva perusing their records from Sherdog.

Other roundups:

– Michael David Smith, MMA Fighting: Digs up YouTube footage of Caldwell.

(Will update in a bit.)

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