Myriad most popular

I’ve crunched a few numbers to figure out pages that drew at least 0.1 percent of my total page views for the year. (The percentages are slightly lower than they should be due to some extraneous stuff in the stats — scripts, other ways of reaching a page, etc. — so 0.1 may actually be 0.15 or so.) Here are the top pages, with an unofficial category added to show the post’s topic. You might notice a pattern. MMA 1.6 /2010/11/the-ultimate-fighter-season-12-episode-8-its-a-trap/ MMA 1.43 /2010/06/the-ultimate-fighter-season-11-episode-10-iceman-1-crab… MMA 1.32 /2010/05/the-ultimate-fighter-season-11-episode-9-if-only-tito-c… MMA 1.31 /2010/04/the-ultimate-fighter-season-11-episode-4-the-doors-of-p… WCSoc 1.1 /2010/04/the-marketing-of-landon-donovan/ MMA 0.94 /2010/04/the-ultimate-fighter-season-11-episode-5-epic-struggle/ MMA 0.9 /2010/04/the-ultimate-fighter-season-11-episode-3-not-that-there… MMA … Continue reading Myriad most popular

Beach volleyball circuit goes inland

Beach volleyball has come a long way from California. The North American AVP tour went coast-to-coast with a few stops in between. As with a lot of Olympic sports, Europe has been a gracious host for many events. But if you check the 2011 FIVB tour, the first since the AVP’s demise (IMG and USA Volleyball will team up for a short domestic series), you’ll find: – A lot of events in central Europe – A tour of the beaches of China and Scandinavia – The lone stop in Brazil, a hotbed of beach sports, held in far-inland Brasilia – … Continue reading Beach volleyball circuit goes inland

SportsMyriad’s 2011 plans

So you’ve opened all the presents and thought, “Well, that’s nice, but what I really want is to know what SportsMyriad is planning in 2011. We’ve seen nine months of erratic updates and programming. What now?” Basically, you’re going to see three big content initiatives: 1. 2012 medal projections. The goal is to be for Olympic sports, though Nate Silver is a brilliant stats wizard and my last big mathematically hurrah was AP Calculus, all of which I’ve forgotten. 2. MLS team guides. A mix of facts and subjective analysis (or idiotic opinion, depending on what you think of … Continue reading SportsMyriad’s 2011 plans

Mad about the Freedom? Place the blame on …

Yes, WPS and Washington Freedom fans, I hear you. BigSoccer hears you. The transitional staff hears you. You’re sad that the name may change and that the team may play games in (or eventually move to) South Florida. You’re frustrated that the new owner is talking of upgrading the team to win a championship while having no staff to participate in a free-agent market that has seen much of the team move elsewhere. What I can tell you is that WPS and former Freedom personnel always stress the same thing in their conversations: Without new majority owner Dan Borislow, this … Continue reading Mad about the Freedom? Place the blame on …

Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated)

In working on a story that I’ll likely publish somewhere between now and Christmas (just in time for no one to see it), I was told by several people that the Washington Freedom were conducting business as usual for the moment. Nothing was set in stone in terms of changing the name from the Freedom to magicTalk FC, incorporating the name of new majority owner Dan Borislow’s new product. Mark Washo, who had spent the last couple of years as Freedom GM/president, had announced his departure to work for Playbook Management International, was still running the team on an interim … Continue reading Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated)

Explaining the World Cup vote using ‘NewsRadio’

Having failed in my effort to explain the World Cup vote using When Harry Met Sally, I’ll now explain it using a scene from NewsRadio in which Dave (Dave Foley) is England, the USA and Australia, while Bill (Phil Hartman) is every FIFA voter who claimed to be voting for said countries. In this episode, all employees secretly told Dave they were voting for him as news director. The results: Lisa (Maura Tierney) won a unanimous vote. Bill: Lisa and you were both strong candidates. There was really no way to choose between you two. Dave: Then why did every … Continue reading Explaining the World Cup vote using ‘NewsRadio’

Tossing down the gloves before fans of hockey’s “Code”

A few years ago, hockey fans got an intriguing addition to their bookshelves — The Code, which promised to demystify the unofficial rules of fighting. It didn’t, frankly. The book is a worthwhile read, full of entertaining stories from the men who drop the gloves on the ice but are thoughtful, charitable and funny off it. But it fell short of explaining how hockey incidents progress from a clumsy hit to full-scale fisticuffs, and it didn’t follow through and show what happens to a game after a fight. Sometimes, it’s just for a momentum change. Alex Ovechkin, the best hockey … Continue reading Tossing down the gloves before fans of hockey’s “Code”