NASL splits season — ready to re-open some old arguments?

The NASL is ditching most rounds of the playoffs and switching to a split-season format in 2013, Brian Quarstad reports.

Brian sees it as a cost-cutting measure, saving teams the cost of reserving venues and players for playoff games in which they might not participate. At the NASL level, that’s probably true.

But I recall someone suggesting a split season in MLS as a means to bring some sense to the playoffs, give teams a long break for the World Cup or other tournaments, and maybe even appease Eric Wynalda in his quest to appease Sepp Blatter on the nonexistent clause in the “international calendar” that says all leagues must play fall-to-spring schedules regardless of climate.

Usually, we fret about the MLS playoff format during the MLS playoffs. Shall we beat the rush this time?