Spirit, Reign play a legitimately entertaining soccer game

Things didn’t bode well Saturday. Traffic heading up the Beltway to Maryland was worse than usual. The SoccerPlex didn’t have its usual Ben & Jerry’s cart — Yom Kippur apparently kept the proprietor away. And Seattle’s Jess Fishlock, simultaneously one of the most inspirational and infuriating players in women’s soccer, started the game by clatteringContinue reading “Spirit, Reign play a legitimately entertaining soccer game”

Ali Krieger and the case of the missing midfielder

Ali Krieger won’t be with the Washington Spirit for the NWSL semifinal at Seattle. Does it matter? Her absence, to attend her father’s wedding, is certainly a surprise. Her father, Ken, is a Virginia Youth Soccer Hall of Famer and the type of person you’d think would cut off his arm to be at anContinue reading “Ali Krieger and the case of the missing midfielder”

National Weird Soccer League: The Spirit-Reign regular season finale/Part 1

I would probably pay good money to watch Laura Harvey and Mark Parsons play chess. It’s not just that they are, as their fellow Englishpeople would say, bloody brilliant. It’s the fact that entertaining eccentricities and stunning plays just seem to follow them around. Consider tonight’s game, where the turning point apparently came during theContinue reading “National Weird Soccer League: The Spirit-Reign regular season finale/Part 1”

NWSL: Who’ll stop the Reign?

Over the winter, Seattle coach/GM Laura Harvey was elevated to mystical status. Soft-spoken and youthful, the veteran of England’s top-level game┬ásomehow pulled off deal after deal. Women’s soccer fans joked that Harvey was making another deal at every waking moment. On a panel with Spirit coach Mark Parsons? Surely offering her backup right back forContinue reading “NWSL: Who’ll stop the Reign?”

Washington Spirit vs. Seattle: The final whistle

Wednesday’s game against Chicago was, by all practical measures, the Spirit’s first win since May 16. The league rules are clear. Washington was the better side in the 77 minutes played before the first lightning delay. As cruel as it was for the Red Stars to have their playoff hopes officially extinguished without even beingContinue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Seattle: The final whistle”

Washington Spirit vs. Seattle: The vigil continues

That’s what it is now, isn’t it? A vigil? A vigil for the first win since May or even the first run-of-play goal since May. A vigil for Conny Pohlers to convert one of the opportunities she’s getting in increasing numbers. A vigil for Stephanie Ochs, lauded by every broadcaster as a fantastic talent, toContinue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Seattle: The vigil continues”

Washington Spirit at Seattle: Battle of the unluckys

I’ll have to confess that I didn’t stay up to watch the Spirit’s late-night game at Seattle last night. I won’t belabor my scheduling problems, but it simply made more sense for me to get up and watch it on demand this morning, thanks to the NWSL’s nice YouTube archive: And this might be theContinue reading “Washington Spirit at Seattle: Battle of the unluckys”