UFC 126 on three days’ reflection

What we learned and what happens next after UFC 126: – Former WEC fighters looked great. Chad Mendes and Demetrious Johnson plowed through Japanese stars Michihiro Omigawa and Kid Yamamoto. Donald Cerrone’s maturation process continued in a clinical but thrilling win against Paul Kelly. Miguel Torres left Antonio Banuelos punching at shadows. – Jon JonesContinue reading “UFC 126 on three days’ reflection”

‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 11 semi-finale

Two hours! Two semifinals! Crabman arguing with Uscola in the house! Are you ready?! Do you wish this wasn’t on opposite Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals and some MLS games? Let’s go … The first bit of suspense is in the opening credits. Will they replaced Ortiz with Franklin? The answer: Yes! ThatContinue reading “‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 11 semi-finale”

‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 11, Episode 10: Iceman 1, Crabman 0

We start with Chuck Liddell taking out his frustration over Tito Ortiz pulling out of their fight, ranting in front of an amused Dana White. Tito says Chuck doesn’t understand what he’s going through. Then, in one of the most abrupt segues in Ultimate Fighter history, we have the weigh-in for the Josh Bryant-Jamie “Crabman”Continue reading “‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 11, Episode 10: Iceman 1, Crabman 0”