English soccer: Everybody’s got problems

One of the joys of visiting England and taking in the soccer scene is that you realize how wonderful it is — and how different it is from the conventional wisdom of those who think the version in the USA and Canada can’t compare. //embed.gettyimages.com/embed/484830989?et=tqY28UfaRD9EhZDfTlahKQ&SeoLinks=off&sig=mw82OwQnz4UXufBEPxJNXV890yJnqzfq0nVmoDq7CHw= My trip to Reading’s Madejski Stadium and my happy purchase of When Saturday Comes at non-import prices reminded me of a few things … 1. English soccer doesn’t turn its back on kids. Reading had a small “family stand,” but honestly, the whole place is family-friendly. The ample concession stands had plenty of options for young ones, along … Continue reading English soccer: Everybody’s got problems