‘Enduring Spirit’ epilogue: Thoughts from Diana Matheson

Here’s proof, once again, that soccer karma doesn’t exist: Through the Spirit office, I asked several players (not all, so don’t go accusing people) a few follow-up questions about the 2014 season, thinking I would publish a short epilogue to the tale of their 2013 season, Enduring Spirit. The epilogue didn’t come to pass, and I wound up passing along what I had gathered in a blog post providing a snapshot of the team at a late-season practice. The one player who responded was Diana Matheson. And now she’s hurt. Again — no such thing as soccer karma. She responded before … Continue reading ‘Enduring Spirit’ epilogue: Thoughts from Diana Matheson

‘Enduring Spirit’ epilogue (sort of): An August snapshot

Sometime during the NWSL season, it occurred to me that people might be interested in an epilogue to Enduring Spirit, summing up the team’s successful second season. Perhaps they would be more interested in that than they were in the book on the first season. Perhaps I’d even recoup a bit more of the money I lost writing Enduring Spirit. Circumstances have conspired against that work being completed. I was sick for a while, and a couple of injured fingers (one broken, one badly sprained) cut into my productivity on the computer keyboard. And the people involved aren’t racing to … Continue reading ‘Enduring Spirit’ epilogue (sort of): An August snapshot

What you’ll learn from ‘Enduring Spirit’ — now in print

I had intended to make Enduring Spirit: Restoring Professional Women’s Soccer to Washington available in print in time for Christmas.  You’ll have to hurry and possibly pay a bit extra if you want it under your tree, but in any case, it is finally available on Amazon. (Yes, I had to design a new cover, which irritated me to no end.) What will you learn from reading the book that you probably didn’t see elsewhere? Here you go … – How Spirit owner Bill Lynch summed up the team’s relationship with MLS club D.C. United. – U.S. coach Tom Sermanni’s thoughts on … Continue reading What you’ll learn from ‘Enduring Spirit’ — now in print


The book is only at Amazon for now. But you don’t need a Kindle to read it! Amazon offers apps for every platform you might possibly have — tablets, phones, laptops. Over the next few weeks, I will be working to make it available on other ebook platforms. I declined Amazon’s exclusivity offer, which includes a couple of incentives, so that I would reserve the rights to publish it elsewhere. I might do a print version at some point, but it would be a limited run. If you have any thoughts on what might make a print version worthwhile, let me know. The good … Continue reading ‘ENDURING SPIRIT’ IS OUT

‘Enduring Spirit’ excerpt: Game 1 prep

The book is still on pace to be released Oct. 15, though after yesterday’s malware and erotica incidents, it might be Kindle-only for the first few days. I will still release it on other formats. Today’s excerpt includes part of the entries for two days as the Spirit prepared for its first game at Boston. (Yes, I saw the feedback from people who wanted something more soccer-related. Enjoy.) Wednesday, April 10 Warm weather had finally arrived at the SoccerPlex. And still Chantel Jones was wearing long sleeves, not wanting to scrape up her arms on the sand lurking beneath Field … Continue reading ‘Enduring Spirit’ excerpt: Game 1 prep

‘Enduring Spirit’ excerpt: Charades

The book Enduring Spirit: Reviving Professional Women’s Soccer should be available Oct. 15, barring any last-minute editing questions or complications with converting my draft to e-book format. By popular demand, I’ll make sure it’s available somewhere other than Amazon, though it’ll go to Amazon first. Over the next week, I’ll release a couple of excerpts. Here’s one. Friday, July 5 The bus wasn’t evil this time. A couple of players used the overhead sleeping compartments — Diana Matheson had trouble climbing up but had plenty of room to stretch out. Conny Pohlers was eager to watch Wimbledon on the satellite TV, but … Continue reading ‘Enduring Spirit’ excerpt: Charades