20 alternatives to YSA

Dear MLS Supporters Group, You may be a little upset that your club is getting more aggressive in its efforts to keep you from chanting “YOU SUCK, ASSHOLE!” every time the opposing keeper takes a goal kick. The argument has been going on for years, but commissioner Don Garber ratcheted up the rhetoric over the last few months, and now the Red Bulls are offering to pay fans not to say it. What started as a rather stupid drunken chant has evolved into an act of civil disobedience. “Garber can’t tell us what to do,” you might say. “We’reĀ fans. He’s … Continue reading 20 alternatives to YSA

MLS: Making Little Soccer players? Not yet

The Major League Soccer “State of the League” conference call was predictably professional yesterday. The reporters asked legit questions, something we still don’t quite get in MMA calls. Commissioner Don Garber spoke at length about everything, only occasionally needing correction or clarification from the sharp PR crew next to him. And the answers were mostly logical: – Expansion to the South is a great idea, but the prospective groups need stadiums. – Competition rules aren’t changing much. (Alas for my Page playoff system. We’ll break through one day.) – David Beckham was great for MLS, but the league is ready … Continue reading MLS: Making Little Soccer players? Not yet