Spirit-Red Stars: A mad night at the SoccerPlex

There’s just a lot of anger in the world right now. Our president took a break from Twitter ranting to issue the most controversial presidential pardon since Gerald Ford fell on his sword for Richard Nixon, paving the way for a peanut farmer from Georgia to become president and then a truly outstanding ex-president. NorthContinue reading “Spirit-Red Stars: A mad night at the SoccerPlex”

Washington Spirit … playoff-bound?

For the most startling comment in the wake of Washington’s last-minute winner over Chicago on a pleasant Saturday night at the Maryland SoccerPlex, let’s check in with Chicago coach Rory Dames on how the loss affected the Red Stars’ playoff chances: “I don’t think (losing)┬áchanges a lot for us, to be honest. Winning obviously would’veContinue reading “Washington Spirit … playoff-bound?”

Washington Spirit vs. Chicago: Clock strikes 12

For 77 minutes, the Washington Spirit and Chicago Red Stars played an entertaining soccer game. Both teams were seriously short-handed, as they had been too often through this season. But they stuck it out and put together some decent chances. Then the evening took a supernatural turn, like the end of┬áL.A. Story, when the weatherContinue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Chicago: Clock strikes 12”

Washington Spirit vs. Chicago: Spirit willing, flesh weak

It’s getting difficult to write about the Washington Spirit. The options are: (A) Piling on to a team that’s obviously in an epic slump. (B) Appearing to be in denial. Not that it really matters what we the punditocracy think. What matters is what the team thinks. And if you’re a Spirit fan looking forContinue reading “Washington Spirit vs. Chicago: Spirit willing, flesh weak”

Game report: Freedom 0, Red Stars 0 (updates with quotes)

BOYDS, Md. — Though they were playing at home, the Washington Freedom may consider themselves lucky to have escaped with a 0-0 draw Sunday against fellow playoff bubble team Chicago. Despite the oppressive heat — 96 degrees by one check at kickoff — the Red Stars came out running, with a direct approach that keptContinue reading “Game report: Freedom 0, Red Stars 0 (updates with quotes)”