The Ultimate Fighter 21, Episode 4: A scare for Creepy

What happened in this episode:

– “Creepy Steve” Montgomery botched his weight cut and had a terrifying seizure. The panic on his American Top Team teammates’ faces was one of the harshest moments of reality on this long-running reality show. He’s OK. And he seems like a great guy, saying he just wants to spread positive energy, either through fighting or smiling. Most people watching would probably love to buy him a beer.

– Carrington Banks, the Blackzilians’ choice to fight this week, also seems like a great guy. He spent a lot of his childhood in Georgia, so I’m biased. He describes himself as a “chill” guy outside the cage. In the cage, he’s … a boring wrestler.

– Sabah Homasi, the replacement for Montgomery, also seems like a decent fellow. I hate to see him lose.

– But lose he does, in a controversial decision. They split the first two rounds and went to a third. A lot of online commenters gave all three rounds to Sabah. But that might be wishful thinking and rooting for a striker over a wrestler. Banks did more with his cage-leaning than most of the fighters so far, landing a lot of good knees to the body and Sabah’s legs in the first round. Both guys threw messy strikes; Sabah actually fell on one of his own kick attempts.

– Dana White, who has been reporting much of this season from an unidentified location, was there this time. The inset camera picked him up a couple of times during the fight, just to remind us. He was very impressed with the atmosphere, with the Blackzilians clearly bringing a lot of guys who aren’t on the show into the gym to surround the cage. He was less impressed with the fight, particularly the third round.

– Absolutely nothing else happened. You’d think putting these two teams in the same swanky house would create some conflict, but we’ve seen very little of that.

Tune in next week, when … wait, they’re giving scenes from theĀ season. At some point, Jason Jackson and Sabah are involved in some arguments — maybe the same one, maybe not.