Hipsters, posers, bros and women’s soccer

The Washington Spirit’s Tiffany Weimer wrote a guest post at the Post with a frightening thought on the women’s soccer audience:

It’s not just an older generation that doesn’t give us the time of day. There are young, hip people who dislike women’s sports and soccer. There are also people who absolutely love the Premier League, Champions League and Major League Soccer. Those same people don’t like women’s soccer.

In other words, “bro” culture? Or just hipsters and posers who like the EPL, Euro and MLS accoutrements but don’t give a crap about the game?

When I first started talking soccer online about 20 years ago, I found people were willing to support any sort of soccer for the good of the game. I don’t get that sense any more. It’s my form of soccer or crowd noise or whatever.

And that’s a pity. Spirit games are fun.

Source: Guest column: NWSL and women’s soccer are in the game – The Washington Post