Hey hey, ho ho, U.S. Soccer Bylaw 109(7) has got to go

The U.S. Soccer Federation is many things to many people. And you can’t please all of the people all the time. (Mitch Hedberg: “And last night, all those people were at my show.”) When U.S. men’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann was dismissed last month, The New York Times felt compelled to point out that the man most responsible for hiring and firing him, Sunil Gulati, did not occupy a position from which he could be easily “fired.” He’s an elected official, like a school board chair or a member of Congress. Sam Borden writes: Because U.S. Soccer is a nonprofit body that oversees … Continue reading Hey hey, ho ho, U.S. Soccer Bylaw 109(7) has got to go

Save newspapers, save the world

I try to steer clear of politics, mostly for professional reasons. But this, to me, isn’t about simple politics. This is about our fundamental ability to discern fact from fiction. It’s been under assault for decades — my thesis, published in 2000, warned us that we were in danger of retreating to misinformed echo chambers. (I wish that term had been in vogue at the time. It would’ve saved me some exposition.) So please don’t interpret this piece, a roundtable with me and several other veteran journalists at Popdose, as simple Trump-bashing or left-wing fretting. We should all be concerned about attitudes … Continue reading Save newspapers, save the world