Important Olympic qualifying dates

Yes, I’m still planning to do Olympic projections this year. I’m switching to a different system, though, and the projections won’t be up until early summer.

In preparing for that, I compiled a massive list of dates that will determine which Americans go to Rio to compete. That means I had to read every available “selection criteria” document, which is an easy way to get a headache.

I don’t expect this post to go viral, but I figured it was worth sharing for Oly-philes. Enjoy.

Feb. 7-14: Sailing, 49er/49erFX/Nacra World Championships (U.S. qual)

Feb. 13: Track and field, USA marathon trial (U.S. qual)

Feb. 19-24: Diving, World Cup (quota)

Feb. 21: Track and field, 50k race walk (U.S. qual)

Feb. 26-March 5: Sailing, Laser Radial Europeans (U.S. qual)

March 2-6: Cycling (track), World Champs, then final ranking list (quota/direct qual)

March 2-6: Synchronized swimming, qualification tournament (quota/direct qual)

March 4-6: Wrestling, Pan Am qualifier (quota)

March 5-12: Sailing, Finn Europeans (U.S. qual)

March 8-20: Boxing, Americas qualifier (quota/direct qual)

March 10-11: Taekwondo, Pan Am qualifier (quota/direct qual)

March 21-28: Water polo, women’s qualification tournament (quota)

March 26-April 2: Sailing, Laser/RS:X event (U.S. qual)

April 1-8: Shooting, rifle/pistol trials (U.S. qual)

April 4: Fencing, ranking cutoff date (quota/direct qual)

April 5-12: Sailing, 470 Europeans (U.S. qual)

April 8-9: Canoe/kayak (slalom), trials 1 (U.S. qual part 1)

April 8-10: Table tennis, North American qualifier (quota/direct qual)

April 9-10: Wrestling, U.S. trials (U.S. qual)

April 12: Fencing, U.S. ranking cutoff (U.S. qual)

April 15-17: Fencing, zonal last-chance qualifier (quota/direct qual)

April 16-24: Gymnastics (trampoline), Olympic Test Event (quota)

April 17-24: Rowing, U.S. small boat trials (U.S. qual)

April 22-24: Wrestling, world qualification tournament (quota/direct qual)

April 29: Modern pentathlon, World Cup Final in Sarasota (misc interest/points)

April 29-30: Canoe/kayak (sprint), trials (U.S. qual)

May 5: Badminton, final ranking list (quota/direct qual)

May 6-8: Wrestling, world qualification tournament (quota/direct qual)

May 7-8: Canoe/kayak (slalom), trials 2 (U.S. qual final – points system)

May 13-22: Boxing, APB/WSB qualifier (quota/direct qual)

May 15: Table tennis, ranking cutoff (quota)

May 15: Triathlon, ranking cutoff (quota/direct qual)

May 16-25: Shooting, shotgun trials (U.S. qual)

May 17-23: Modern pentathlon, World Championships (quota/direct qual)

May 19-20: Canoe/kayak (sprint), Pan Am qualifier (quota/direct qual?)

May 19-27: Boxing, women’s qualifier (quota/direct qual)

May 22-25: Rowing, qualification regatta (quota)

May 27-29: Rowing, World Cup (U.S. qual)

May 25: Cycling (mountain bike), final ranking list (quota)

May 25-29, Cycling (BMX), World Championships (quota/direct qual)

May 26: Cycling (road), women’s Pan Am qualifier (quota)

May 30: Judo, ranking cutoff date (quota/direct qual)

May 31: Cycling (road), women’s ranking cutoff date (quota/U.S. qual)

May 31: Cycling (BMX), ranking cutoff date (quota)

June 1: Cycling (BMX), U.S. ranking cutoff date (U.S. qual)

June 1: Modern pentathlon, ranking cutoff date (quota/direct qual with asterisks)

June 4-11: Weightlifting, Pan Am qualifier (quota)

June 6: Tennis, ranking cutoff date (quota/direct qual)

June 8-13: Gymnastics (rhythmic/trampoline), U.S. trials if needed (U.S. qual)

June 11: Cycling (BMX), last-chance men’s qualifier (U.S. qual)

June 13: Volleyball (beach), ranking cutoff (quota/direct qual)

June 13-18: Archery, World Cup (women’s quota)

June 18-26: Diving, U.S. trials (U.S. qual)

June 19-22: Rowing, final trials (U.S. qual)

June 20: Cycling (road), men’s ranking cutoff date (quota/U.S. qual)

June 20: Weightlifting, ranking cutoff (quota/U.S. qual)

June 20-26: Volleyball (beach), last-chance qualifier (quota/direct qual)

June 23-26: Gymnastics (artistic), U.S. men’s trials (U.S. qual)

June 26-July 3: Swimming, U.S. trials (U.S. qual)

June 27: Field hockey, U.S. women’s team named (U.S. qual)

July 1-5: Equestrian, team named (U.S. qual)

July 1-10: Track and field, U.S. trials (U.S. qual)

July 8-10: Gymnastics (artistic), U.S. women’s trials (U.S. qual)

July 11: Golf, ranking cutoff date (quota/direct qual)

July 17: Rugby, U.S. teams named (U.S. qual)

July 17: Volleyball, U.S. teams named (U.S. qual)