This isn’t so much an FAQ page as it is an imaginary conversation that might explain what this site is all about:

NEW: So you’re taking ads now?

Yes. Eventually it’ll be an ad network. For now, it’s much less formal. I have a 468×60 ad space in the new theme. Contact me below to make me an offer.

NEW: You’re trying to do more contact. Want more writers?

Sure. Bear in mind we’re going on the Huffington Post pay scale of $0/word. But I think writing here could be a good opportunity to establish yourself in a niche that isn’t otherwise covered. If you’re a gymnastics expert, swimming obsessive or triathlon pundit-to-be, I’ll be happy to give you a shot. My hope is that this’ll end up like Soccer By Ives, where people gain exposure and go on to paying gigs. If you just want to have some fun, that’s also fine. If you’re flogging a book and want to post something along with a big mention of it at the end of your post, we can also work that out. Contact me below.

Why SportsMyriad?

Myriad” means “many.” A lot of us were taught growing up that it could only be an adjective, but then some wordsmiths ruled that it’s also a noun. It works either way here.

That explains the name, but why the site?

The goal is to cover sports that typically don’t get much mainstream coverage. Plenty of niche sites may cover these sports, particularly soccer and MMA, but you rarely see them covered alongside other sports in a single news source. Think of this as the inverse of a typical sports page, sports site or sports blog — if it’s rarely covered there, it’ll be frequently covered here. And vice versa.

Who’s writing this?

I’m Beau Dure. I spent 19 years working for newspapers, the last 10 at USA TODAY. You’ll still see my writing in USA TODAY, most likely on MMA or soccer, but I’m now free-lancing. My first book, Long-Range Goals: The Success Story of Major League Soccer, is published by Potomac Books and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Learn more about me at duresport.com

So you hate football, basketball and baseball?

Not at all. Well, maybe baseball, though I grew up watching it. I’ve soured on baseball through the 90s and 00s for many predictable reasons. But my fall Saturdays and Sundays feature a constant stream of football on TV, and though I don’t watch as much basketball as I did in college, I’m still a fan. I’m also a fan of hockey, particularly a certain red-clad team from the nation’s capital featuring the world’s best player.

So what sports will you cover?

Soccer, MMA and Olympic sports will be the big three. Those were my focus at USA TODAY and the areas in which I’ll be free-lancing the most. “Olympic sports,” of course, covers almost every sort of competition besides localized forms of football (American, Canadian, Australian, Gaelic) and baseball.

You may also see some coverage of cricket, the biggest international sport that isn’t in the Olympics, plus a few less athletic games such as chess, poker and darts.

Is there any sport you won’t cover?

No. Not ruling anything out. But if I have little to add to the conversation, I’ll move on to something else. You’ll see just a few stray comments here and there on baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf and auto racing.

Is this just a roundup of links?

No, though some days will have more original content than others. But I plan to spend most of my time doing the things journalists do, including interviews, commentary and unhealthy lunches. Maybe not as much of the latter as I used to.

Now that you’re away from USA TODAY, can you use anonymous sources?

Maybe, but it’s not something I plan to do very often. My philosophy has always been that “news” leaks for a reason, and anonymous sources are sometimes wrong, anyway. There are plenty of rumor mills, reputable and disreputable, and I’d like to do something different.

Now that you’re away from USA TODAY, can I send you gifts?

If you’re a relative, yes. If you’re representing a team, league or another sports entity, no. I’ll still free-lance for USA TODAY, and even if I weren’t, I happen to agree with that policy. Besides, I have plenty of T-shirts.

Can I send you a media guide, press releases and interviews?

Heck yes.

How do I contact you?

E-mail me at duresport AT google’s mail site

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