Curling, Feb. 11: Couple of Canadian surprises

Early in the week, the shock results started rolling in from the Canadian provincial playdowns, from which the Brier field is assembled.

Kevin Koe lost! Oh my! And Reid Carruthers!

But, these tournaments being the double- or triple-elimination events that they are, Koe and Carruthers are back where we’d expect.

Kirk Muyres won in Saskatchewan ahead of Matt Dunstone, and having seen that game (loved the CurlSask broadcast apart from seeing the same ads about 100 times), I’d say it wasn’t a fluke.

So the only change to the rankings is a straight swap — Muyres takes the 11th spot from Dunstone.

We’re officially in full-fledged national championship season. Watch the U.S. Championships here — the schedule is here. The broadcasts are fun because you never know who’ll hop into the booth. This morning, it was Tyler George, who won Olympic gold with John Shuster last year.

And then the Scotties (Canadian women’s championship) starts with the wildcard game Friday night on ESPN3. If you’ve been reading this far and are still curious to see a top-quality curling broadcast, check it out.

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