Curling, Jan. 14: Hail Homan, again

The Order of Merit (OOM) standings use a calculation called the “strength of field multiplier” (SFM) to determine which events count more toward the standings.

In men’s curling, the just-concluded Canadian Open had an SFM of 11.6325, edging out December’s Canada Cup (11.5605) and the National (11.5514) for the highest SFM of the season so far.

In women’s curling, the Open’s SFM was even higher — 12.0656, ahead of the Masters of Curling (11.8071), the National (11.7432) and …

Look, it’s a Very Big Event. OK?

And to borrow a joke from soccer — everyone competes in a set format, and at the end, Rachel Homan wins.

The Open was the fifth Grand Slam event of the season. Homan has won three. (Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg won the other two but struggled in the Open.)

The Open was the third major of the season. Homan has won two.

Get the picture?

Homan beat Swiss skip Silvana Tirinzoni in the final after knocking out American Nina Roth, who had an outstanding week. Scotland’s Eve Muirhead was the other semifinalist. For all four semifinalists, the Open was their best result (in terms of OOM points) of the season.

The weirdest week belonged to Japan’s Satsuki Fujisawa, who won her first two (including 8-3 over Tirinzoni) but lost her next three to miss the playoffs after the triple-elimination bracket.

Russia’s Anna Sidorova won the other event of the week, the International Bernese Ladies Cup, which wasn’t that strong top to bottom but had two of the top three from the Pacific-Asia Championships, Germany’s Daniela Jentsch and fellow Russian Alina Kovaleva.

The changes in the women’s Very Unofficial Subjective Rankings:

  • Tirinzoni leap-frogs Jennifer Jones and Fujisawa, who each won two games at the Open.
  • Open quarterfinalists Chelsea Carey and Casey Scheidegger switch places with Tracy Fleury (two wins at the Open) and Darcy Robertson (one).
  • Roth and Muirhead are just under the top 12.

In the men’s Open, #9 Brendan Bottcher won the final over #5 John Epping. The semifinalists were #4 Niklas Edin and #7 Brad Gushue, while #1 Brad Jacobs and #2 Kevin Koe went out in the quarterfinals along with #3 Bruce Mouat and #8 Glenn Howard. (#6 Ross Paterson wasn’t there, ruining the prospect of my top eight all making the quarterfinals. Neither was #11 John Shuster, the American Gold Medalist And Don’t You Forget It.)

The changes …

  • Bottcher up two to seventh, bumping down Gushue and Howard.
  • Edin and Mouat switch.
  • Peter de Cruz, who won two at the Open (over Jacobs and Koe), switches with Reid Carruthers, who won once.

No changes in the U.S. rankings. Roth was the only top skip in action, and she can’t go any higher than No. 1. The junior championships are in progress.

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