Goodbye Twitter, at least for now …

I’ve been harassed on Twitter. Not to the extent of Sandy Hook families or female journalists. But just enough to know what it’s like. I can hardly imagine what other people go through.

And it’s clear — from the Rose McGowan situation last year and the Alex Jones situation now — that Twitter’s selective enforcement is inadequate at best, deliberately inciting hatred at worst.

So I’m out, aside from two things …

  1. You’ll still see automated posts from my blog feed. It’s a pain to shut those off, and I hope I can return to Twitter someday. The intent here is to change behavior.
  2. I will schedule a post each day explaining why I’m absent.

If you want to interact with me in public, you can always leave a comment on one of my blogs (Ranting Soccer Dad, Mostly Modern Media, Duresport), or join me at my Facebook page. Facebook isn’t perfect, but it’s better than Twitter.

In the meantime, please let me know if Patton Oswalt tweets anything funny.

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