Guardian writing: Rio Olympics

Two women’s soccer analyses, two gymnastics live blogs, one examination of how rare Michael Phelps’ accomplishments this year are, and one look at the next generation of U.S. Olympians. Aug. 9: U.S. women win gold in gymnastics team final (live coverage) Aug. 10: U.S. women’s soccer team has improved, really (group stage analysis) Aug. 11: Biles, Raisman medal in all-around (live coverage) Aug. 12: Why Phelps is still great at an age when most swimmers have faded Aug. 13: USA’s women lost. Blaming it on “cowards” misses the point Aug. 20: USA have a wealth of young talent for 2020 I also … Continue reading Guardian writing: Rio Olympics

Doping: It’s complicated

“Ban the Russians!” Like “Equal Play, Equal Pay” or “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” it’s a catchy slogan, but it merits further investigation. Plenty of columnists have ripped the IOC for allowing any Russian athletes into the 2016 Olympics, arguing that the organizers should’ve issued a blanket ban in the wake of the McLaren report, which unveiled a shadowy state-sanctioned doping and concealment program not seen since the bad old days of East Germany. The ruling forced each sport’s federation to decide on Russian participation. All track and field athletes, all weightlifters and a handful of others were tossed out. But others were … Continue reading Doping: It’s complicated

Rio 2016 Olympics: Prediction analysis, schedule notes and rants

The USA will win 88 medals this summer. Or maybe 136. Hey, the Olympics were totally predictable, they wouldn’t be any fun, right? Prediction analysis No, I didn’t do event-by-event predictions this year. I hope to revive them at some point in the future, but I need to do it in a way that is (A) unique and (B) not a total back-breaker. This time around, I figured I would see what others are picking. In the interest of not burying the lead, here’s the summary … Let’s explain what these sources are: 1. Gracenote. Formerly Infostrada, this is the gold standard … Continue reading Rio 2016 Olympics: Prediction analysis, schedule notes and rants

Olympic schedule for WoSo fans looking to branch out

I’ve been tinkering with schedule spreadsheets and decided to try one for women’s soccer fans who also want to sample the rest of the Games, with an emphasis on soccer and women’s sports. Check Aug. 3-9: Women’s 2016 preview – 3-9 And Aug. 10-14: Women’s 2016 preview – 10-14 Disclaimer: Everything is subject to change, and I’ve hit the occasional discrepancy in a few times. And if it’s on NBC or NBCSN, you may be hopping between events and not catching things quite live. The best place to check for the latest info and live streaming is the NBC live … Continue reading Olympic schedule for WoSo fans looking to branch out