Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Better never than late

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. When I mentioned that I needed to watch the Spirit’s 3-0 loss to Boston at some point, several people urged me to reconsider. And I can’t say I’m glad I ignored that advice. This was a dreary game on a dreary night in Boston. No, the Spirit didn’t play particularly well. But neither did Boston, aside from player of the week Lianne Sanderson, the energetic Kyah Simon and the reliable Kia McNeill. The field was one culprit in the general disarray. You’d think the Breakers would be used to Dilboy Stadium’s nasty carpet and narrow confines … Continue reading Washington Spirit vs. Boston: Better never than late

Chivas USA vs. Employment Law USA

Dan Calichman and Ted Chronopoulos, whom many of us remember from 1990s MLS, are in the news as the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Chivas USA. C&C Coaching Factory had done pretty well with the club’s academy program, only to be dismissed midseason. At the time, Top Drawer Soccer’s J.R. Eskilson and The Goat Parade’s Alicia Ratterree were concerned: We may look back at this story and see that it is just a blip and won’t impact the long term development of the Academy and Chivas USA’s first team. But there is going to be turmoil in the short term, … Continue reading Chivas USA vs. Employment Law USA

Woly Award: Tyson Gay beats the elements

If we told you Tyson Gay ran a 10.02 in the 100 meters over the weekend, would you be impressed? No? How about if it was cold and raining? A little better? OK, shall we add that it was into a headwind? Interested now? Let’s finish with this: He eased up over the last 20 meters because he was so sure he would take the Diamond League win in New York. And he did. So Tyson Gay takes this week’s Woly award for outstanding achievement by a U.S. Olympic sports athlete. Also at the adidas Grand Prix: Women’s long jump: … Continue reading Woly Award: Tyson Gay beats the elements

Duke apparently not destroyed by lacrosse backlash

To recap the Duke lacrosse case in brief: Team members accused of rape, media firestorm ensues at Duke, evidence emerges that they couldn’t possibly have done it, students exonerated, district attorney disbarred. Most people then moved on. The exceptions were the families of the team members who were not accused of rape, claiming the school and others didn’t do enough to protect them. That case, we learned in March, has lost steam. The other people who did not move on: The cottage industry of people with an ax to grind against Duke, political correctness, “liberals,” academic elites or others who have supposedly … Continue reading Duke apparently not destroyed by lacrosse backlash

War on nonrevenue sports, ctd: How college sports programs die

My old paper in Wilmington has a thorough report on UNC-Wilmington’s decision to cut a few sports. Title IX influenced the decision-making on what to cut, but the figures show some women’s programs bringing in more money than their male counterpart. (In most cases, though, the expenses are higher.) The numbers also show men’s basketball, the non-football school’s showcase sport, as the biggest revenue-generator by far. But it had expenses of $1.87 million against revenue of $557,624. So if you were going strictly on finances, you’d cut the basketball team and leave the others. They’re not going to do that, of course. … Continue reading War on nonrevenue sports, ctd: How college sports programs die

U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard

Headlines (see glossary below): – The NPSL is out. Georgia Revolution fell 3-2 in the “Battle of Atlanta” against the NASL Silverbacks. – The USASA is out, though Dearborn took Dayton (USL Pro) to extra time before falling 4-1. – PDL upsets so far: Reading over Harrisburg (USL Pro), Ocean City over Pittsburgh (USL Pro), Des Moines over Minnesota (NASL), Tucson over San Antonio (NASL) – Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL) won the first head-to-head matchup between pro teams, winning the Tampa Bay derby 2-1 and forcing perennial Open Cup power Seattle Sounders to fly cross-country to face them next week. … Continue reading U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard

Leaving the UFC: It’s the money

John Cholish is leaving MMA, saying he lost money on his last fight. It’s not really a function of the recently exposed fighter contract, which only accounts for a small part of the problem — Cholish had to pay out of pocket for some of his corner crew. It’s very simple: He’s not making money. As Brent Brookhouse puts it at Bloody Elbow: This is why some people get very hung up on the revenue distribution inequality between the UFC and the fighters. That’s not to say that the UFC should be paying out the close to 50% of revenue to … Continue reading Leaving the UFC: It’s the money