What’s up at SportsMyriad in 2013

When I left USA TODAY in 2010, I immediately embarked on two projects: 1. A book on The Ultimate Fighter. 2. This blog, SportsMyriad, with the intent to “flip the sports page inside-out.” Those projects were sidetracked a bit, in a good way. USA TODAY kept giving me a lot of freelance work, particularly in its new magazine division. I also got a bit of work from ESPN. In 2011, it turned into a lot of work with espnW and still some more with USA TODAY, though I fulfilled my 2011 SportsMyriad plans, more or less. In 2012, things shifted back … Continue reading What’s up at SportsMyriad in 2013

Monday Myriad: Dec. 31

//storify.com/duresport/monday-myriad-dec-31.js?border=false&header=false&more=false Updated a minute ago A few features from the sports world from the past week, starting with something for soccer and biathlon fans. (No, they didn’t replace the five rifle shots at each stop with five penalty kicks.) In Packed Soccer Stadium in Germany, Biathletes Put on a Show; Burke and Dunklee Tenth At Schalke 50,000 fans in a soccer stadium. Bulletproof glass protecting them from a shooting range. 20 of the world’s best biathletes. Magdalena Ne… Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email Chelsea Little 0 likes  ·  0 comments … Continue reading Monday Myriad: Dec. 31

Myriad most popular: 2012

These annual posts have been illuminating. This year, they tell me my audience is primarily two groups of people: 1. People who stopped by for Olympic medal projections. That alone accounted for 40.22% of my traffic. Then figure that the home page, which at the time was set so that you could often read whole posts without clicking through, got 38.27%. 2. The women’s soccer community. That’s 10.87% of my traffic. General soccer (men’s and women’s) took another 1.02%. Men’s soccer drew only 1.04% — partially the effect of covering less of it, but even the somewhat interesting posts drew squat. The MLS … Continue reading Myriad most popular: 2012

Monday Myriad: Dec. 24

//storify.com/duresport/monday-myriad-dec-24.js?border=false&header=false&more=false Updated 3 minutes ago Yes, this will be brief. Not much going on in Olympic sports, and you already know Chelsea scored eight goals against Aston Villa despite the best efforts of U.S. keeper Brad Guzan.But we have a few interesting reads …MMA Good read on a guy we’d root for — if he can keep it together this time. Chris Leben returns from drug suspension with a different outlook on life On Saturday night, when Chris Leben goes into UFC’s Octagon for the 20th time in a career that started with the first season of The Ultim… Share … Continue reading Monday Myriad: Dec. 24

Why the San Diego Sockers-Dallas Sidekicks game will matter in 2013

The San Diego Sockers have won 45 straight games, which is a professional sports record. Yes, you may quibble over the term “professional” in the PASL, and you may argue that the Sockers face even less competition in that league than Celtic faces in the Scottish Premier League. Peter Wilt, no stranger to indoor and other soccer, raised exactly that objection on Twitter. (MLSSoccer.com’s Andrew Wiebe sums up Wilt’s Tweet and a video from Fox Soccer.) In the 2010-11 season, they lost two games in December and dominated the rest of the way, winning their last 13. That includes a couple against … Continue reading Why the San Diego Sockers-Dallas Sidekicks game will matter in 2013

Major League Soccer’s minor-league tinkering

The rumblings are growing that MLS reserves and USL pros may soon share a league. NASN’s Jason Davis says it looks like we’ll see some this year (2013 — I’m changing the calendar now) and more in 2014, with some MLS reserve teams going into the USL’s pro league and other MLS teams working out affiliations. At the Sporting News, Brian Straus goes into the background of the problem — players who come out of college (or skip it) and find few chances to play. The old-timers among us had to laugh a bit at the idea of affiliates — … Continue reading Major League Soccer’s minor-league tinkering

Traveling in China: A classic tale from the archives

Perhaps it’s self-indulgent to post a 4-year-old first-person travelogue. But this was probably the most popular post on my “profile-page blog” at USA TODAY, and that profile page has finally disappeared. Anticipating this problem, I saved the text. And since I’m not writing much else this month, it seemed to be a good time for a holiday rerun. In case you’re curious, the game report from this game — a 2-0 USA loss — is still on USA TODAY’s site. My first full day in China started with an 8:50 a.m. bus boarding at the Main Press Center for a … Continue reading Traveling in China: A classic tale from the archives