The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 4: Judging Jury

For the first time since the premiere, I’m actually watching live. Tonight’s fight is Myles Jury (Cruz) vs. Al Iaquinta (Faber), and because no one already knows the outcome, we have fight odds. Jury is a huge favorite, even though Iaquinta is Faber’s No. 1 pick. This could easily be a semifinal matchup.

Long recap of last week, with everyone agreeing that jiu-jitsu expert Cristiano Ronaldo, er, Marcello should have tried some jiu-jitsu against Justin Lawrence. The stand-up battle did not go his way.

Flea’s bass line kicks in, and the opening credits are underway.

We cut immediately to Dominick Cruz bragging. People seem to like that. I don’t understand it. But I’m old. I don’t understand the kids today. I always though Urijah Faber was the cool and hip one, but maybe I’m biased because he’s a much better interview than Cruz. Or because Faber looks like the cool surfer dude and Cruz looks like an 80s movie villain.

I have time to muse on all this because … nothing’s happening. Team Cruz is happy. Team Faber is disappointed. Iaquinta is confident.

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The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 3: Three! Three silly pranks … ah ah ah ah …

A look inside the locker room of Justin Lawrence, who was unknown until he destroyed WEC veteran James Krause in the prelims. Now he’s being touted as a huge favorite.

Then a long recap of last week’s fight action, where Cruickshank got “too comfortable” (in Dana White’s words) and got KO’d.

And … it’s a new theme song! A famous one, too — the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground. Also the walkout music of TUF 1 constestant/TUF 12 coach Josh Koscheck, a friend of the band’s.

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Recapping the WPS-Borislow case

Someone asked recently if I could put all the WPS-Borislow documents in one place. I also find myself sometimes wanting to go back and check a few things, and I’m sure a couple of the diehards following everything also want to see it all together. So with apologies to those who just want this all to be over with, here goes:

You can get a list of the documents from the Palm Beach County clerk’s site. They say it’s only set up to work in Internet Explorer, but I was able to get it to load in Chrome as well. Here’s the direct link to the case.

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The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 2: Bad news, surprising fight

The opening is unfamiliar. As with the season opener last week, we have Jon Anik’s voice introducing us live, even though we’re going to have 45 minutes of reality TV first. Then it’s a ponderous intro explaining the new format in vivid detail. Dana White nearly falls out of a chair. The usual theme music is gone. The graphics have changed. It barely looks like TUF. We see the fighters going to the house late at night, probably just after the live broadcast last week, and immediately racing to choose beds. Michael Chiesa is excited to have a place to … Continue reading The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 2: Bad news, surprising fight

Judge cuts Borislow’s discovery request in half, but WPS’s to-do list is long

This order, released with no fanfare March 9 and not posted to the court site until a few days later, is one of the simplest documents in the long saga of Dan Borislow’s court case against WPS. It boils down to one sentence: The Court overrules Defendant’s Specific Objections as to Requests No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and the Court sustains as to Defendant’s Specific Objections to Requests No. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The document has the feel of something that was rushed. For one thing, the second “as to” in that sentence is misplaced. For … Continue reading Judge cuts Borislow’s discovery request in half, but WPS’s to-do list is long

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The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 1: You’ve got five minutes

Yes, the entire first episode is live. For once, I might have my recap posted before everyone else.

How will they fit 16 fights on one show? Dana drops the surprise: The fights are ONE five-minute round. Dang.

Granted, a lot of these prelim fights tend to be short. But click the “Read more” — this is going to be a long one.

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